No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

See dirty work below!


Mayor Garcetti orders cutting down of 7 Giant Oak trees on City Sidewalk property near corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Selma Street in the dead of night to please hi-rise developers anxious to start construction!

Take a close look below at Mayor Garcetti’s Sunset and Vine new Deforestation program! With more tree destruction to come! Sawing down these precious, healthy trees was a sickeningly obscene act designed to please the adjacent big-time real estate developer!

All 7 of these mighty trees were more than 40 feet high and dated to the days when Hollywood first became The Motion Picture Capital of the World!

This tragedy was an environmentally criminal act.

The public was never informed before or afterward of this green nightmare!

A secret decision to destroy the seven trees, leaving behind only huge stumps painted an ugly orange, was made by the LA Mayor and his loyal City Council and carried out this past week in stealth sometime during the early AM hours.

The building project’s EIR was also violated.

These historic trees were trashed as part of an ecological Death sentence imposed on Hollywood by Mayor Eric Garcetti , City Attorney Mike Feuer and all 15 on the City Council to facilitate the same vision of a hellish High-Rise Hollywood cancerous growth that was recently struck down by a Superior Court decision that invalidated an EIR for rampant Hollywood hi-rise proliferation!





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