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Mickey Kantor reminds LA Asian Community using plastic sword that white guys still control this city!




Semi-Official Kantor Report labels L.A. a city in decline, warns of major crisis in political leadership by dumping on wimpy Mayor’s  puny governing skills;  and sounds an awful lot like what civic rebel bloggers  have been  shouting in a politically-incorrect vein for years in cyberspace latimes.com

Los Angeles is a city in decline, strangled by traffic, weighed down by TB inducing Skid Row hardcore poverty and suffering from “a schizophrenic crisis of leadership and direction,” according to a tell-it-like-it-is report  scarcely- released  Wednesday with no fanfare by  the  plucky 13-member citizen panel known as the Kantor Commission!

The Los Angeles 2020 Hindsight Commission, convened with great fanfare by City Council President  Mr. Herb (Non-entity) Wesson  to examine under a smudged microscope lens  the city’s ever-worsening economic woes  has today offered a  tartly  flavored harsh assessment of civic indecision-making aimed squarely  at Garcetti’ posterior and the 15 other buttholes  squatting on the LA City Councilwarning that Los Angeles is heading toward a  horribly screwed up future where local government can no longer afford to provide even  damn-it-to-hell basic public services.

The terribly- august panel, chaired by long ago U.S. Commerce Secretary Mickey (Semi-retired) Kantor, says Los Angeles lacks anything faintly resembling a coherent approach to economic development and trails all other major cities in job growth.

City government spending is expanding like  pancreatic  cancer faster than the nearly dried up revenue stream and the quasi-deserving pension benefits of  bloated city employees  are at  mortal risk, said the report, titled “A Time For Truth…Ha! Ha!”

“The city where the universally expected future can be summed up to mean the dystopia movie “Bladerunner” has been living off dwindling borrowed time and piling up monstrous municipal bond debt for ages  while leaving  the heavy “don’tstop thinking about tomorrow” for  only Bill and Hillary to sing off-key about and  hoping  against rational hope that things will  maybe magically sorta sort themselves out,” the report  says with a straight-face!

Herman Wesson, who appeared sheepishly with a few brave commission members at the 9 a.m.Wednesday press conference to rapidly hash over the damned report…then disappear into the woodwork asked Mr. Mickey K. (who long  ago became absurdly rich taking his lawyer’s cut of the financial action while selling LA municipal bonds under semi-crooked  Mayor Tom Bradley) to convene  his panel of personal associates by choosing its  insider-members only nearly a year ago.

“He and others felt there was  a  microscopic bit of value in having a  glimpse of the city’s burgeoning problems by  very disappointed City Fathers” said Little Herbie Wesson’s pointless  press flack.

The panel  gang of 13 plans  a little later this year (with Austin Beutner pulling all  the marionette strings) to  offer some half-assed hastily thrown together weak-kneed recommendations for presto chango-solving these  obviously insoluble problems that  the Kantor’s Commission  toadies will automatically and  unanimously  identify as “the final solution”with their worthless stamp of approval!

Chump Mayor Eric(One Term) Garcetti, who took office part way  through the group’s hazy deliberation process  offered a  predictably silly statement  in  painfully oblivious reaction to this personally-harsh-on-poor-Little-Ricky report that studiously avoids directly addressing the Kantor Commission’s  right-on  negative assertions that  slam “Tricky Ricky G” for allowing the city of Los Angeles to slip out of  cruise control  and into decline during the six  lousy, brief months that  rejected for re-election DA Gil Garcetti’s boy has been  quite noticeably to everybody struggling in power!

“We welcome the Kantor Commission’s naive ideas while I, as your exalted Mayormuch prefer to focus on my real world  efforts to “grow” our economy like a medical marijuana factory and totally reform the City Hall  sickening mess that my fellow Mexican-American Mayor by half Antonio  Villaraigosa left me saddled with…. so thank you already!” ” said Little Ricky Garcetti  curtly whispering  from  behind thick, closed  City Hall office doors  aimed at the cotton-filled ears of the main stream press!

Since it first convened with no public input whatsoever,  the Kantor Panel has solemnly promised to review ways to create jobs, expand Los Angeles’ contracting economy and make a stab at restoring the city’s sputtering  financial stability.

The latest news from Mickey is:”  Sorry LA! No  real luck  reported on any of these fronts!

But the Kantor  Group grope  report went even  further, butting in and standing on a soapbox to stake out  unsolicited positions on  stuff like traffic congestion, poverty,the state of public schools and  most everything else that matters at Getty Mansion except for Mrs. Garcetti’s  silly personal fashion choices!

The report sanctimoniously  warns that the Los Angeles Unified School District is “failing our children and betraying the hopes of their hardworking parents.” As a child, Eric never spent as much as an hour as an LAUSD student. He was a coddled. rich brat private school student all the way and proud of it!

Kantor- Schmantor says Measure R, the 2008 tax hike  that  narrowly passed to pay for an upcoming lightly-to-be-used  brand new rail line  so that the largely White-skinned  well-off  Subway to the Sea-type Westsiders can have their  minority maids and other assorted servants ride it to and from work by crossing over La Brea Avenue by train!

Of course, leaving major traffic gridlock essentially unchanged; if not  gradually worsened by the huge bonded-indebtedness needed to construct rail lines that must be paid off by slashing bus service.  Ride on/Right on!

And  the Report finishes off  by pompously announcing the obvious that the city’s push to have 10,000 police officers was BS from the git-go… a meaningless benchmark reached by former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa only by way of mucho  creative statistics from  then Antonio’s and now Eric’s main stooge: Police Chief Charlie Beck who keeps a  voluminous confidential file on the strictly personal lives of each of them!

A key contributor to the NATO report (that means “No Action Talk Only”) was His Nibbs Mr.Austin (“Kiss my  precious  butt, everybody!”) Beutner, the behind the scenes actual leader of the so-called Kantor  Commission , who  trivia experts may  vaguely remember coming and soon going after little more time than the time it takes to down a cup of LA City Hall bottom basement coffee as Villaraigosa’s  vaunted but  doomed “menial jobs czar”!

This  pissant report also warns that the city is “dramatically underinvesting” in the harbor and  recommends major investment! Where?  A smart choice would be the new Panama Canal?


Sheriff Lee Baca to retire at the end of the month

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New LAFD recruit class is neary all male, overwhelmingly white

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