No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Governor Brown starts to flirt with reviving CRA! ( See below!) No way, Jose! “Drop Dead CRA Day celebrations planned statewide to commemorate the second anniversary of Community Redevelopment Agency’s justly deserved demise throughout the State of California!


Attention: What follows herein should serve as a friendly but cautionary message directed towards California Governor Candidate Jerry Brown in regard to his political ambitions, including still another run for US President in 2016:

Dear Governor:

If you should suddenly decide to totally reverse yourself and start campaigning enthusiastically for re-election on a craven platform of breathing new life into the rotting corpse of CRA statewide, as your recent statements reported below suggest that you may indeed be planning to do, please be advised that we, the militant, as well as quite numerous, quite vocal and quite media-savvy, anti-CRA activists up and down this Golden State of ours stand very ready, very willing and very able to doggedly trail your each and every campaign footstep to beseech all those California voters that you may come in face to face contact with to cast their many ballots in favor of “Anyone But Brown For Governor”!

That is unless you swiftly mend your ways, Governor Brown, and solemnly assure us right here and now that you don’t plan on becoming the dreaded CRA Monster’s Future Re-Animator during your re-election run for office this year or during your quite possible fourth term as California Governor starting in 2015!


Meanwhile, we cordially invite you, Mr. Governor, to join us this coming February First, 2014 in joyous celebration of the second anniversary of the CRA’s deserved demise, in large part thanks to your leadership, on what has come to be popularly known as DROP DEAD CRA DAY!

Thank you!


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