No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Did LA Mayor Eric Garcetti get away with committing the crime of leaving the scene of an accident on Tuesday (1-14-14) when his car hit a woman in the crosswalk at 2nd St. & Spring Street. That’s what the LA Times security video indicates! Meanwhile City Attorney is stating confidential that the victim, 60 year old Ms. Nicolas stands to walk away from her upcoming court case with as much as a million dollars unless The Mayor and City Council can negotiate a behind closed-doors settlement .


Only LA Times editors, reporters as well as the Publisher have seen the unedited video version of the Mayor’s auto accident which was “accidentally” caught by the Times trusty surveillance camera on the northwest corner of 2nd and Spring.

The version released on-line by the Times is heavily-edited. But even that version was strong enough to catch the hapless LAPD in a flat-footed lie.

Immediately after the could-have-been tragic occurrence, the LAPD spokesman on camera told the press unequivocally that the injured pedestrian, Ms. Juliet Nicolas, 60, was to blame for the accident because she was jaywalking when she started crossing the street between two parked cars.

However, when the Times released the security video soon afterwards clearly showing that the woman was struck while in the crosswalk, LAPD quickly changed its story.

Now LAPD alleges that the lady victim in question “appears” to have been crossing against the light.

Notice the weasel word used here: “appears”. There is no hard evidence extant to back up this unwarranted LAPD allegation which is obviously meant to protect the LAPD officer/driver at the wheel when Ms. Nicolas got hit and subsequently hospitalized.

When the victim eventually has her day in court, she’ll testify that the light was in her favor when she stepped off the curb while Garcetti’s cop driver undoubtedly will testify contradicting her, alleging that the traffic light was red when she entered the crosswalk!

Since there is no way of verifying either of these conflicting stories, the jury will be left to decide who to believe and how much to award the injured party for pain and suffering after she was hit by a cop at the steering wheel!

Will race be a factor in the jury’s deliberations? Don’t forget that the members of this future jury will be selected from the same LA jury pool that acquitted OJ Simpson a while back!

That’s why City Attorney Mike Feuer is confidentially advising the Mayor and City Council to settle quickly with the victim’s lawyer for as much as a cool million to avoid an embarrassingly nasty front page trial that is quite sure to wind up giving Mayor Garcetti a big black eye for a long time to come in the news media!

The LA Times video in addition shows a small truck stopped in the crosswalk at the time of the accident and Garcetti’s car passing by this truck … also according to the Times printed account of the Mayor’s car accident by reporters Jack Leonard and David Zahnhiser.

Has this truck’s eyewitness driver been identified and questioned by either the news media or the police?

The same Times article states that a certain someone got out of the back door of the Mayor’s car? Who was that? The LAPD refused to answer this question from the press? Hint: Garcetti was alone in the backseat.

Isn’t the LAPD acting like the guilty party here?

Although he wasn’t the driver, Mayor Garcetti by getting out of his parked car after the accident and interacting with the victim on the ground who had been hit by the same car has tied himself inextricably to the scene of the accident!

That means Eric as a percipient witness can be deposed by the victim’s counsel and subpoenaed to testify at the public trial. Bad Publicity. OUCH!

The Times security camera shows the Mayor’s car turning right on Second Street after striking the victim and quickly stopping on Spring Street!

The LAPD driver and the Mayor get out of the Mayor’s official car. Then both return and drive off after only “two minutes” of elapsed time at the scene of the accident, according to the published story by the LA Times reporters who viewed the un-expurgated version of the accident!

As a witness to the accident in the car that struck the victim, the Mayor should have been detained by the LAPD at the scene of the accident and asked a long series of pertinent questions by the LAPD officers who had arrived on the scene in a squad car quite soon after the accident happened … again as seen on the Times security video according to Times reporters.

This LAPD routine questioning of the Mayor that did not take place at the scene of this highly controversial auto accident would have unquestionably taken considerably more time to accomplish than a mere two minutes!

Has the Mayor subsequently been questioned elsewhere by LAPD regarding this violent chain of events? We know from the Times news account that the LAPD driver of the car that struck the victim Ms. Nicolas at 2nd & Spring returned to the scene of the accident after taking the time to drop off the Mayor at City Hall.

What was the speed of the Mayor’s car when it struck Ms. Nicolas?

Did the un-identified driver of the vehicle involved in this serious accident enjoy special privileges because he was an LAPD officer assigned to Mayor Garcetti’s bodyguard detail?

Eric Garcetti has repeatedly refused to answer reporters’ questions about the accident saying only that he wasn’t paying any attention at the actual moment of impact when his car struck the senior citizen lady victim.

Nevertheless many questions remain for Garcetti to answer ….

Such as:

Mr. Mayor, has the victim been intimidated by LAPD and cautioned not to speak to the news media since she left the hospital? (Don’t forget that her blood stains were in the crosswalk as seen on TV news coverage!)

Mr. Mayor, what did you say when you got out of your car, walked over to and spoke to the injured party who was lying in shock and agony on the roadway?

Mr. Mayor, why did you leave the scene of the accident so quickly? Were you told to leave right away by LAPD and did you decide to obey LAPD orders unquestioningly?

(The Times reporters with unlimited access to the security camera’s coverage timed your stay at the scene of the accident at a brief “two minutes”. This fact also appears in the relevant Times news story.)

Mr. Mayor, why the hurry?

(This whole sordid affair may be called “A Rush To Poor Judgment”.)

Mr. Mayor, Is there some kind of peculiar cover-up going on here? Just asking …

More to come at this website!





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