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Follow-up post. Garcetti misleads the Press so the Mayor can sneak into County Hospital for a one- on-one bedside chat with the woman his city car hit in a crosswalk! Is the victim of the LA Mayor’s Tuesday auto accident and hospitalized for four days a glad recipient of Obamacare or is she among the uninsured millions of others and therefore forced to pay the sky-high bill herself?


Firstly, to correct the LA Times  story below: The victim , Ms. Juliet  Nicolas, actually spent a total of four days and three nights in the hospital.

Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office  and the vaunted LAPD PR Machine first led the press and the general public to believe that the victim’s condition was less serious than it actually turned out to be As soon as we got to see the photo below and to read Reporter Michael Finnegan’s story that concentrates on Ms. Juliet Nicolas for the first time and was posted this Friday evening and relates to events that she now has suffered through as victim!

Ms. Nicolas made her first shaky public appearance earlier this afternoon when departing from LA County Hospital confined to a wheelchair, sporting multiple ugly facial bruises and barely able to carry on a conversation due to fits of coughing … according to a pair of LA Times reporters’ LA NOW cyber-story.

It must be noted that Mayor Eric Garcetti may now be called as a witness in a future trial for damages against the City of LA and  examined under oath by Ms. Nicholas’ attorney regarding the Mayor’s hospital conversation with the recovering accident victim.

The Mayor can be asked further to explain after being sworn in, at a future trial whether or not during his hospital bedside conversation with Ms. Nicholas, Hizzoner applied any pressure on the victim directly or indirectly not to file for a financial settlement due to pain and suffering stemming from being struck by the Mayor of LA’s official car.

The Mayor’s bedside visit was surely a bad idea gone wrong from the city’s standpoint!

Secondly, how much was her hospital bill and who paid it?  Was Ms. Nicolas placed in a ward or did the City and County of Los Angeles furnish her with a private room while footing her costly bill?

Is Ms.Juliet Nicolas, the LA Mayor’s street accident victim, now on Obamacare  or is she still one of the millions without medical insurance?

Thirdly, the LAPD has backtracked again on its official story. At the outset,  an official LAPD spokesman stated unequivocally on Tuesday afternoon to the news media that Ms. Nicolas caused the accident by darting into the roadway from between two parked cars.

But later that same day of the accident, LAPD reversed itself after the Times released to the public its security camera video clearly showing  that  the victim Ms. Nicolas was in the crosswalk when the Mayor’s car hit her, by firmly stating to the Press that now it “appears” that the light was red when she entered the crosswalk.

But as of 6:14 pm Friday evening, the last sentence of the latest LA NOW Times Blog reads: “Police have said that Nicolas ‘may’ have been crossing 2nd Street against the light. ‘But’ an  investigation is ongoing.”

The “facts” in the LAPD version of the Mayor’s auto accident keep slipping and sliding as time passes!

Our website wonders why?



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