No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Bird’s Eye view of the previously uncharted Hollywood Fault thanks to the State of California…No thanks to the Mayor of Los Angeles! Change the caption for the aerial picture below to a “vulture’s eye view”. International Real Estate investors seriously considering lawsuits against developers who may have rudely deceived them!


The Heart of Hollywood tragically exposed as having a big, deep, ugly crack in it! Real Estate Tycoons: Weep & Wail due to your forever lost investment!

This is an “Urgent Message” to the high stakes capital investors who foolishly propped up speculative Hollywood developers with millions of their own capital from all over the world; only to see their property investment value nosedive now that the official State of California Hollywood Earthquake Fault Map here below has been “unearthed”… turning their mega-buck investments into not much more than a steaming load of odiferous crap.

Sorry, Real Estate High Rollers, but … You are not allowed to construct skyscrapers here because of the Hollywood Earthquake Fault which, super-sadly in your case, is obscenely outlined below.

It sure looks like this Hollywood Earthquake Fault was “covered-up” way back around the time that you were naively investing millions of your own money in this failed scheme!

Before you suckers invested in Hollywood real estate, the hucksters that ended up with your dough should have informed you under contract law that California State prohibits high rise towers from being built on an active earthquake fault, plunging the value of your unfortunate investment in real estate now that the Hollywood Earthquake Fault which you were never informed of during financial negotiations appears to run smack dab through the middle of that high stakes investment of yours!

The only open path for you at this point may be to sue the pants off those Hollywood developers who deceived you into believing that investing in Hollywood real estate was a sure-fire way to get rich quick here in Tinseltown?

Like a hot knife through a cold slab of butter! The California State map unveiled here below instantly cuts deep into the once-lofty real estate values in the blood-clotted scarcely-throbbing heart of “Hollywood” by at least half … placing the once-vaunted Millennium Towers Project onto emergency life support apparatus!

That’s the top of the historic Capitol Records Tower that appears on the middle of the photo below!




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