No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Take a real good look at the graffiti-defaced backside of 1800 Argyle Street at the corner of Yucca Street. That’s a 10 story glass abandoned office building now openly used as a central distribution point for local Narcotics distribution sales under the nose of the LAPD?


Hollywood is Gang Territory! Tourists Beware! Stay Out! Crack House Morphs into a Super-Monster Crack Hi-Rise! Blind Police and sightless politicians simply pretend it isn’t there?

Hollywood neighbors’ urgent demands to clean up this criminal mess at the northeast corner of Yucca and Argyle streets have predictably fallen upon 15 pairs of deaf ears at recent LA City Council meetings every timeJWALSHCONFIDENTIAL.WORDPRESS.COM speaks at the public lectern during the State-mandated General Public Comment period: demanding an immediate clean-up of this combination eyesore/firetrap!

The front and sides of this same building are also covered with graffiti as well as broken windows galore! What a horrible Hollywood sight to behold!!!

Datsun Motors Corp. uses the attached rear interior garage and the roof garage pictured here below to store their brand new non-showroom located autos before shipping them to car buyers!

We protestors are constantly dismissed as NIMBYS and labeled by Councilman Tom Labonge as well as snooty Councilman Paul Krekorianm as racist alarmists for raising a red flag about this nasty situation before it’s too late!

Meanwhile the Hollywood street gangs grow ever more outrageously brazen while they easily make a growing fortune peddling illicit drugs here in Tinseltown!

LA City Councilman Tom Labonge’s says incredibly that the 1800 Argyle Street Bldg. under question was recently looked over and checked out on site by his staff and passed with flying colors!

Dear Hollywood Division Captain Peter Zarcone:

“If your very own Hollywood LAPD officers can’t plainly see what’s happening under their noses at this crime-ridden corner adjacent to a freeway-on ramp right here for all the world to see, then kindly transfer those same cops to patrol near the Hollywood area Braille Institute! Thank you!”

(Photo below taken from Yucca Street through my living room window at 4pm Tuesday, January 21, 2014.)





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