No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

This is an open invitation to LAPD’s Internal Affairs Division to set up shop here in Tinseltown!


Take a real good look at this gangster-scarred photo of the monstrous 10-story glass Crack House with an address of 1800 Argyle St. at the corner of Yucca St. that is in full daily view of thousands upon thousands of behind-the-wheel Angelenos who use either of the two freeway entrances that are found within a mere 200 feet of this shameful commercial erection!

The thin plywood barrier at the front entrance was easily stripped away a long while ago by the drug cartel’s retail  Hollywood  open air outlet entrepreneurs ( aka: Street Drug Gangsters)  who brazenly operate within the confines of “Hollywood Improper” with little or no fear of “getting caught” by the “Fuzz”!

Councilman Tom LaBonge accused JWalshconfidential of hate speech directed toward him at the Wednesday, 1/22/14 LA City Council Meeting; and further claimed absurdly that this building, fingered by our neighborhood watch group , has no graffiti or broken windows that the assumedly-vision-un-impaired Hollywood area Councilman or his staff are aware of!  HUH?

(Take yet another look at the photo below!!!)

This shot was snapped at a different 1800 Argyle Street angle from the horrible-looking rear-end photo that appears at the JWalshconfidential blog, which was sadly posted this Tuesday after being chosen from a group of truly ugly pictures of our community’s Dope Central HQ that were taken on 1/21/14!

Maybe the somnolent news media would prefer holding off on doing an expose aimed squarely at this atrocious building … situated only a few feet from the ill-fated Millennium Un-identical Twin Towers project … until either yours truly or another angry neighbor of mine is murdered in the vicinity at the bloody hands of drug gangsters who currently work the streets of Hollywood with impunity and don’t want this quite favorable-to-them current state of affairs to change in the least while the cops and Mayor Eric Garcetti, as well as the united members of the LA City Council, jointly persist in playing dumb by always looking the other way instead of engaging in the type of serious crime fighting clean up that might give Hollywood a big black eye PR-wise that could lead to a plunge real estate values! Perish the thought!

Will this Hollywood naysayer/blogger, in particular, get snuffed out by these wealthy (bribe-paying?) invisible to LAPD, narcotics gangsters for the unforgivable offense of opening my big mouth to the mainstream press and in cyber-space concerning the rampant criminality stemming from the cold, cold heart of Junkie-Friendly “Hollyweird” … photo beneath taken only two short blocks from the historic intersection of Hollywood & Vine!






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