No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Rudely-embarrassed LA Times willfully ignores AP Exclusive Scoop: LAX gunfire erupted only after the two airport police officers had abandoned their post standing guard over TSA Officer Hernandez, neglecting to inform their commanding officer of their departure. Thereby allowing the airport gunman to shoot to death sitting duck TSA Officer Hernandez! Mayor Garcetti when confronted with keystone cop type performance by LA Airport Police is left speechless except to say: “It could have been a lot worse!”

LAX Shooter

Break Up The Airport Police Now or Expect Another Airport Tragedy

Did Mayor Eric Garcetti make a fool of himself in retrospect at his LAX on-camera press conference right after the murder of TSA officer Hernandez by heaping unwarranted lavish praise on Top Airport Cop Patrick Gannon now that the ongoing-official Federal investigation has revealed that one of the two LAWA police officers who were assigned to guard the TSA station was away in the crapper without permission while the targeted TSA officer lay bleeding to death at his post!

For shame! Disband the Airport Police Force as soon as possible and allow LAPD Chief Charlie Beck to command a unified police force to end  the constant infighting between LAX’s own Police force and the LAPD which has led directly to this recent tragedy!

So far the abysmal LA Times coverage by LA Times reporter Mr. Dan Weikel of this still-unfolding story has been dead wrong!

Why? Because the horribly inaccurate LA Times reporter in question Mr. Dan Weikel relied upon the falsities hand-fed him by the head of the Airport Police Union to replace the truth about what had just happened?

Read for yourself the scenario as outlined Contemporaneously @ JWALSHCONFIDENTIAL.WORDPRESS.COM blogposts to see that the unpleasant facts that are just now emerging as connected to this tragic shoot-out were covered up during the LAX shooting’s immediate aftermath.

The previously hatched false scenario by the team of Mayor Eric Garcettii and Airport Police Chief Patrick Gannon of the shootout events has just fallen apart, leaving the newly-emerging FBI version as an accurate portrayal that sadly backs up everyone’s worst suspicions of the chaos at the airport following TSA Agent Gerardo Hernandez shooting and the thirty- three minutes that the authorities allowed him to lay there where he had fallen, bleeding to death at his station!



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