No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Find out here what expensive gifts were brazenly handed out today to all 15 anxious-to-receive LA City Council members in red colored swag bags under the noses of the snoozing City Hall press reporters!


Caught on Camera: LA City Council members in the very act of taking bribes!

Every damn day is gift-giving Christmas time at the Los Angeles City Council! See for Yourself!

The only difference is that swag-bag bearing City Hall St. Nick, the kindly old corrupt lobbyist always expects a yes-gift in return whenever his big fat city contracts pop up on the City Council’s Big Fat Agenda!

Check out carefully the two complementing photos of all the LA City Council

Members proudly sitting pretty at their desk in front of their bribe-filled swag bag!

You will never observe damning visual evidence of this kind of grossly illegal gift-giving action if you rely solely on City Channel 35 because the poor-off Producer of the LA CITY CHANNEL 35’s video cast has been threatened repeatedly by the high and mighty City Council President Mr. Herb Wesson with getting fired immediately if Channel 35’s City Hall cameras expose any of the easy-to-see-out-in-the-open LA City Council corruption like what you now get to observe right here and only right here at HOLLYWOODHIGHLANDS.ORG & JWALSHCONFIDENTIAL.WORDPRESS.COM!

The video feed is routinely censored ( as well as the audio component during City Council meeting repeat showings) by the long-suffering Channel 35 on-line director before anything embarrassing to the City Council members or Mayor Eric Garcetti can show up on City Hall Channel 35 cameras and microphones as well as your TV or lap tops out there!

Take a good look at these photos of all 15 LA City Council craven members greedily grabbing their red-colored swag bags delivered personally to each desk by an on-the-City payroll employee of each Council Member’s kiss-ass “personal” staff … these super-expensive gift bags generously bestowed upon “The Gang of Fifteen” by preferring-to-remain-anonymous Big Bucks LA Contractors who expect nothing in return. (Yeah!  Right!)

This particular obscenity shown here happened today at the open-to-the public City Council meeting of Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at appx. High Noon!

Estimated worth of the red bags’ hidden contents: $500 apiece!

Here’s a bit of what’s sheltered inside these  crimson-as-blood bags –sitting pretty on their Council meeting members’ desks for anyone to plainly see … but only if you show up in person at an LA  City  Council meeting to eyewitness their covetous deeds:

A year’s supply of free condoms for 13 of the 14 Council persons who possess male members swinging between their crooked legs as well as a year’s supply of birth control pills for the lone LA City Councilwoman! So that the rest of the Council members won’t end up like “Horny Jose” Huizar who’s currently getting his ass sued off of him by a gorgeous female staffer for lots and lots of sexual harassment. Including an abortion?

A second gift is 14 free car steering-wheel heaters so that not just the LA City Council President Mr. Herb Wesson’s city-bought (for $50 thousand) auto has this snazzy special add-on device that is expensively-designed to protect Herb’s dirty political hands from suffering frostbite while driving to and from City Hall or to and from one of his steady girlfriend’s apartment for adultery or when Herb’s staff member/reprobate (?) son, Mr. Justin Wesson, who has a DUI arrest on his police record, is behind the super-expensive wheel of Daddy Dearest’s new car … purchased in total by the City of Los Angeles’ long-suffering taxpayers!

(Visit Investigative Reporter David Goldstein at KCBS News for all the nasty car details!)

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