No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Wendy Greuel gets an early taste of another electoral defeat during Democrat Party Van Nuys Pow Wow .This time at the hands of Ted Lieu as Ms Greuel takes first place in the party faithful’s informal unpopularity poll!

TED LIEU - Final

Candidates for Rep. Waxman’s job rush to collect big money, red hot endorsements, and even more damn big money … jwalshconfidential predicts most expensive run-off in history between two Dems Lieu and Greuel with South Bay Asian-American lawmaker snatching the up-for-grabs seat in hard fought November battle-royal run-off that will ultimately be decided by the November Republican voters.



Bestselling author Marianne Williamson entered this absurdly expensive contest as an independent long-shot hopeful some time before the doddering 74-year-old Henry “Waxworks” Waxman feebly decided to step down from office and weakly stumble in the general direction of a plastic pedestal reserved for him at the Hollywood’s Madame Tussauds Main Room!

“Feminist Guru-ette” Ms. Marianne Williamson is fated to take a big bite out of Wendy’s ass by capturing a nice chunk of the women’s vote before she finally finishes out of the money in the homestretch!

Don’t forget that “True Gritty” Greuel has never run a race where she didn’t get that big boost all to herself from the gender bounce. But Wendy will be forced like-it-or-not to share those bouncing gender voters this time around with “Marianne “The Fem-vote Fatale” Williamson come Primary Vote Day!

The 33rd Congressional District improbably stretches from Beverly Hills and Malibu down the coast through the Palos Verdes Peninsula, with a pinch of the SFV thrown in for good measure. The announced candidates have nicknamed this district: “The Beast”!

Remember that this dumbly-drawn Congressional District of ours was created by a specially-selected independent panel of “experts” whose major task was supposed to be putting an end to all oddly-drawn examples of gerrymandering! Nice job!  (Huh?)

Quite surprisingly, there will be no Jewish candidate to succeed the incumbent Jewish Congressman who has occupied this key post for back-to-back generations –that’s 40 years in all! Thus bewildering the hefty financial contribution-laden Jewish vote.

There is no love lost between Wendy Greuel and a large portion of the Jewish communities on the Westside and the San Fernando Valley that sincerely believes Little Wendy “Gee-Whiz” Greuel ran a sneaky Anti-Semitic Campaign against her “half-Jewish” opponent Eric “the Half-Mexican-Italian” Garcetti for LA Mayor that was masterminded by Ms. Greuel’s supremely wicked campaign consultant, “Shallman The Truly Dreadful”, who tried un-successfully to paint then-mayoral candidate “Tricky Ricky” Garcetti in the mainstream media as a money-hungry, Beverly Hills property-owning, Junior Shylock rich boy in order to promote Wendy’s faltering candidacy among the rabid Valley Christian Right-wing Jew-baiting ultra-Republican constituency, whose not inconsiderable voting power was desperately coveted at the time by both candidates for the city’s highest office.

The first test for the leading Democratic candidates (Ted&Wendy) came this past Sunday with a straw vote in Van Nuys at a semi-official gathering of party stalwarts where Lieu and Gruel first faced-off in the flesh prior to jousting at one another again soon for the official endorsement at the statewide convention!

Lieu easily trounced Wendy by a better than 8to 1 vote margin (Lieu 59 versus Greuel 7) in their maiden voyage match-up! Both of them heavily worked the room prior to the voting. Alas Wendy winded up with not much more to show for her effort than soiled palms from so much handshaking in vain!

But this was a mere Pyrrhic victory for Ted over Wendy that unfortunately served to shatter fragile party gender unity!

Both of these seasoned Democrats vying for Waxman’s soon-to-be-vacated seat face mostly-flaccid competition for the pair of exclusive spots in the highly-anticipated showdown in the November election!

Ted needs to explode the super-stiff, always-overly-polite-and-inscrutable male Asian political stereotype and strive to live-wire connect with Caucasian, Hispanic and African-American voters all over the mighty 33rd because the face of State Senator Lieu is currently far less known than his much more recognizable chief antagonist!

Copious campaign dough that is already pouring in gives Lieu the solid gold opportunity to buy lots and lots of tv ad time to stroke himself as well as stuff the mailboxes of registered voters chock full with campaign “literature” in order to solve the thorny problem of young Mr. Ted’s serious lack of face and name recognition!

Greuel is better known here universally because although she ran a ho-hum second-rate campaign for Los Angeles Mayor last year, she enjoyed high-personal visibility. That competition raised both her positive and negative profile numbers among likely voters while her public face got slightly and stylishly bloodied by sexist Eric, metaphorically speaking!

Wendy will never achieve the complex fence-mending task needed to realize a DC House of Reps seat! She simply doesn’t have the political smarts to achieve a highly-sophisticated political objective like that. Her losing Mayor’s race more than proved it!

Ms. Marianne Williamson, a well-known half-assed “financially successful” spiritual teacher with a proven record of coaxing guilt money out of the deep pockets of members of the wealthy public, starts this race with mucho campaign charisma to spare and promises to definitely cut into Little Wendy’s Entertainment Industry financial support base, particularly among well-heeled “prog” women and rich-aging, male Yuppies who like to buy their politicians by the pound of flesh in order to get them to bend to their will and eternally vote their way unthinkingly!

But Ms. Marianne is bound to fade in the stretch because she simply doesn’t qualify as a registered Democratic Party thoroughbred.

The Lady Williamson will do a great deal more heavy damage to Greuel than to Lieu according to “Vaginal Politics” watchers who are keeping track!

In fact, “Marianne the Contrarian” has ironically amassed about $350,000 already from hoodwinked supporters by pitching her BS anti-money supremely-spiritual image!

Big name liberal endorsements such as one from state Attorney-General Kamala Harris plus feminist organizational endorsements like one from Emily’s List will only hurt Ms Wendy Greuel in the inevitable November run-off with centrist Dem Senator Ted Lieu because gung-ho Republican voters who will comprise more than 30% of the total go-to-the-polls electorate will take offense. They are the major portion of a dependably virulent Conservative voting bloc that is destined to determine for itself which of the two remaining registered Democrats is the lesser evil in the House seat run-off.

Of course, when given a reluctant choice between a so-so moderate Democrat Asian-American male and a knee-jerk Limousine Liberal Democrat white female, registered Republicans and their closely-related reactionary independent voting booth allies are going to unquestionably vote overwhelmingly for the Asian Guy! Thus tipping the election scale in Lieu’s favor! You can bet on it!

Wendy has pretty weak ties to the Westside’s politically-active Jewish community so don’t expect incumbent Mayor Eric to bust his hump helping Little Wendy because, as we all know, Hizzoner still harbors oodles of ill-will toward La Greuel that dates back to the 2013 quasi-nasty race and even earlier!

Politically-correct pink-shaded carpetbagger “Wendy Gee” does not live in the district that she feverishly seeks to represent in Congress and is already backtracking from the semi-solemn pledge that she originally and quite unequivocally made to the Press a couple of weeks ago to promptly move out of where she now stays and move into Waxman’s old district during her race … even though she is not obligated by Federal law as a congressional candidate to actually reside in the district where she is breathlessly running for a House seat! (Go Figure!)

However Wendy’s tacit decision to reverse herself, which has gone unchallenged by the nattering nabobs of the local news media, and stay put home-wise until she hopefully wins the great race is bound to poison her already-weak candidacy among the sizable number of swing voters!

The attitude of this crucial still-on-the-fence constituency toward Madame Greuel will wind up floating in the toilet if Ms. Wendy decides to stand pat and fails to employ four or five of her own very large moving-trucks in the near future to haul all that old stuff of hers, including her old man and her over-exploited kid, to a new Westside address before the actual voting commences.

Don’t forget that Ms. Wendy “Too Cool For Traffic School” Greuel publicly announced in front of a bunch of TV news cameras and bored print reporters clutching notepads that she definitely planned to move out of her present SFV abode soon after making that first big virgin announcement of her born-again candidacy.

But lately “Windy” Wendy has turned very vague about hastily dumping her very valuable Valley home on the open market unless and until ,of course, she has already emerged victorious from the big contest and is headed for a term limits-free, forever-career in the lower House of Congress!

Challenger Senator Lieu does not want to come off as the heavy here, but some of Citizen Wendy’s growing list of nipping-at-her-heels opponents are sure to brand W. Greuel a craven carpetbagger who refuses to budge even an inch from her expensive Valley residence/estate during this knock-down drag-out Congressional free-for-all, fearing that if she abandons her comfy Valley diggs, it will surely backfire on her when she gets stuck living someplace other than in her beloved Valley environs, suffering the self-sentence of sad exile after she inexorably loses that huge run-off race to the Mighty Lieu!

Recently, Ted “Lulu” Lieu proudly rolled out a list of semi-worthless nods that included one emanating from that frightening, morbidly-obese Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) — himself fruitlessly running for Statewide political office–who finds himself locking horns for the first time with ex-Mayor Villaraigosa who has wholeheartedly counter-endorsed “Missy” Greuel!

Democratic Party strategist Bill Carrick, who whipped Wendy’s butt for “Tricky Ricky” Garcetti without even breaking a sweat is now gainfully employed by “Ted Terrific” to do the very same damn thing to the very same damn proud woman in question; only this time while on State Senator Lieu’s big fat campaign payroll!

The field of potential candidates narrowed Friday when three sure-fire loser Democrats — Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev “The Zero” Yaroslavsky, state Sen. “Wan”Fran Pavley of Agoura Hills and Assemblyman Richard “Boom-Boom” Bloom of Santa Monica got scared off the campaign trail, quickly bugging out of the running and instead returning to their tiny, dull, strictly local careers!


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