No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Hollywood Earthquake Fault trenching begins in Tinseltown at the intersection of Yucca and Argyle Streets! State Watchdogs never informed!. 60 foot mound of dirt is a health hazard! Did Mayor Garcetti give his OK?


Disease-carrying spores polluting the area from the uncovered tons of dug-up Tinseltown dirt bearing Valley Fever organisms are currently being carried by the wind from the trenching site at the intersection of Yucca and Argyle all over Hollywood and into the lungs of near-by unsuspecting pedestrians and passing auto occupants because this towering mound of mire remains exposed to the air instead of safely contained by a soft plastic covering ,which trench-diggers are required by law to always provide!

Members of News Media are invited to visit the newly-dubbed “Mount Millennial” that sits majestically next to the resultant deep dark newly-dug pit penetrating the earth very close to the iconic Capitol Records Tower!(See photo here!)

A Superior Court Judge has recently thrown out the City Council and Mayor-approved Hollywood Community Plan on which this cancerous over-development had once legally rested!

Reporters who venture to visit the newly-excavated Hollywood Earthquake Trench are severely cautioned to wear a face mask at this harmful trenching site in order to safeguard their health!

Were California State official earthquake fault watchdogs ever notified of Hollywood’s brand new “Really Big Dig” which in its third day of massive soil disruption?

Which of the band of mega-developers clustered in the vicinity of the Hollywood Earthquake Fault near the famed corner of Hollywood & Vine is covertly footing the super-costly bill for this earthquake fault trenching?

Did Eric Garcetti bestow in deep secrecy his unofficial stamp mayoral approval to commence the digging for the Hollywood Earthquake Fault Trench?

Argyle Street between Hollywood Boulevard and Yucca Street has been closed to traffic in order to help out the large trenching crew … much to the consternation of hopelessly caught-in-traffic drivers trying to use either the off-ramp or the on-ramp of the close-by Hollywood Freeway!

The Hollywood Earthquake Fault trench-digging today continues un-noticed by mainstream media … unabated or un-supervised by any branch of regulatory government!!

See photo above taken early this morning (2/12/14).


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