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L.A. City Council caves in to nasty sting from powerful Bee-Keeper lobby bent on legalizing highly hazardous backyard beekeeping, claiming that bees are suitable playthings for children. Pushing “Insect Liberation Now” message!

Dear Ms. Emily Hafwit, rookie reporter at the LA Times:

The Los Angeles City Council took its first craven baby steps Wednesday on the pot-holed road to blessing universal residential beekeeping here in the city as “politically correct” by ordering scum-suck city staff members to report back one-sidedly on the lamebrain notion of turning LA into a refuge/sanctuary city for thousands upon thousands of un-remorseful killer bees…by unanimous vote no less!

Backyard entrepreneur beekeepers zoomed in on City Hall demanding that LA City Council members join death-wishers in New York City by allowing any of your next-door “don’t-give-a-damn” neighbors to make a buck by keeping their hives with thousands of their poisonous pet yellow jackets in the backyard of their own home or the spare room of their own apartment right next to where you and your potentially-victimized kids reside!

Currently Los Angeles logical city codes do not allow beekeeping in residential zones, according to city planning officials. But those human protective municipal codes are destined to be turned upside down and stung to hell once these militant insect lovers and their staunch City Council allies get their way!

For profit, unregulated Beekeeping under the guise of urban farming has metastasized among Angelenos, even though there is absolutely no danger of bee colony collapse here in the city, according to the public statements of everyone who spoke at the LA City Council hearing on Wednesday in a metropolis where all our bee colonies are now “thriving”!

At the powerful commercial bee-keeper lobby’s practically-no-new news conference, City Councilman Paul (“Morbidly-Obese”) Koretz who admitted that he was a hopeless glutton for a steady diet of gobs and gobs of yummy honey, smeared thick on thin slices of naturally white bread, argued that sought-after unrestricted urban beekeeping was plain to see perfectly PC; but confessed to the unchallenged fact that there were absolutely no instances of colony collapse disorder in LA like those that have totally devastated bee hives in rural farming communities where these disappearing insects no longer naturally serve the important purpose of pollinating avocados, almonds and other major crops.

This horrible use of highly toxic to both man and bug pesticides against our apiary friends takes place primarily in agricultural areas far distant from urban/suburban places such as LA! That’s why no instances of colony collapse disorder can be found here in Los Angeles!

“If you care about blueberries more than the obvious danger of bee stings especially among children” unconcerned City Councilperson Mr. Mike Bonin moaned, “… then you are a militant non-parent just like…”Little Ol’ Gracious Me”!

Wimpy City Councilman Mr. Bernard C. Parks stood up and asked a couple of seemingly tough questions about how the upcoming whitewashed staff report would address the issue of a need for a city permit; and how any serious health hazards such as an occasional human fatality here and there caused by random bee-sting-related allergies could be casually swept under the City Hall rug?

Then Ex-Chief Parks quietly sat down and joined the rest of his anti-humanistic colleagues in the “narrow” 15 to 0 “Insect Liberation Now” victory vote!

Before the one-sided LA City Council meeting agenda item was voted on, Beekeeper /Big Businessmen had argued quite absurdly that “managed for financial gain” maxi-hives would actually diminish the buzzing threat of seriously-disabling poisonous bee stings, offering no statistical evidence to back up their specious claim!

People are less likely to be stung by a “managed colony” than untended bees according to the blathering of one insect-lover lobbyist! (Yeah, right!)

The Los Angeles City Council also voted to instruct the Bureau of Street Services employees that often handle those desperate phone calls from hapless bee sting victims who blurt out their morbid reactions upon being attacked by swarms of flying insects on the streets of LA to ask the victims to calm down already because your municipal government is beginning to promote some “sensible” alternatives to wholesale extermination such as creating PC compassionate insect parole or PC compassionate insect probation for all those captured, convicted and incarcerated killer bees who are willing to openly confess their guilt, forever renounce stinging people, and instead spread their wings to fly away freely down the straight and narrow buzzed path to righteous reform!


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