No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Who is this “colored” man pictured here and why has he proven to be such a vile racist?


Meet Spring Street Rajah, Supreme Potentate Davan Maharaj The Racist, who rules the roost as high muckety-muck Editor-in-Chief of the Los Angeles Times as well as Tribune Corp. Vee-Pee  while he enjoys dry-raping African-American office-holder Mr.Mark Ridley-Thomas, LA County Supervisor, in the journalistically yellow pages of that other Times! The one on the Left Coast!

Maybe  double-citizen Mr. Davan “Rajah” Maharaj  ought to go back where he escaped from: Namely, Trinidad-Tobago and take along with him his second valid passport, the West Indies one, that he steadfastly refuses to give up!

Racist Davan exited Trinidad-Tobago because he found there were many, too many Black people living near him to suit his very discriminating taste!

The Bigot Maharaj has now nastily employed the bully (bullsh*t) pulpit of the once-respected LA Times to lash out at a local Black Political Leader by launching a sustained racially-prejudiced assault on the long-established good character of Mr. Mark Ridley-Thomas … without offering a shred of proof to back up the Times flimsy, unwarranted charges of political corruption!

This six-part-and-counting Maharaj-orchestrated (ho-hum!) Times expose has failed miserably to back up the central charge leveled against the Black Supervisor that he criminally misspent LA County funds in the act of modestly re-modeling his garage into a tiny home-office to conduct LA County business there!

The racially-abused Supervisor, who found  himself turned into a target practice clay pigeon with live ammo fired in his direction by the two white LA Times reporters, who were specially selected by racist Editor Davan Maharaj for their discordant racial attitudes, has promptly and publicly produced the pertinent personal cancelled check that is now offered as proof positive that every damn dime spent on this re-modeling job was, in fact, his own dough!

Davan Maharaj currently is shamelessly taking full advantage of the unassailable Doctrine of Political Correctness that absolves someone “of color” like brown-skinned  Maharaj himself from any and all charges of racial bigotry toward African-Americans because Mr.Davan isn’t lilly-white either! A prime example of Caucasian liberal pretzel logic!

Read the LA Weekly’s excellent related coverage by Dennis Romero and/or the similar LA Observed story by Bill Boyarsky to discover in detail how unjust the charges of fiscal criminality concerning this re-modeling job on the four walls of Mr. Mark Ridley-Thomas’ garage made against the LA County Supervisor by the scurrilous, racist LA Times actually are!


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