No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Anti-handgun website enters Win-A-Pistol sweepstakes controlled jointly by Beretta USA Inc. and Tea Party-Backed Joe Carr for US Senator from Tennessee!


Tea Party gunman, Mr Joe (“Shoot ’em up”) Carr aims squarely at shooting down clay pigeon: US Senator Lamar Alexander in this year’s Tennessee Republican Primary!

To celebrate Beretta Inc.’s future opening of a brand new factory in Gallatin, Tennessee, the Republican gun-totin’ Tea Party is sponsoring a free drawing where the first prize is a  phallic -shaped gun-metal gray Beretta handgun model 92 A1!

Check with jwalshconfidebtial.wordpress.com or hollywoodhighlands.org to discover if we turn out to be the high caliber winner! See our official entry below!

Please wish us lotsa dumb luck!

If we do get picked for this coveted pistol-prize, our anti-gun website solemnly promises to post plenty of website photos of us publicly destroying this horribly deadly weapon which can be found lovingly-pictured above and below!




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