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Rallying Cry to rescue Polar Bears Disappearing in Arctic due to high rise construction spike in spots like LA!


Polar Bears are rapidly vanishing due to the exploding rate of American hi-rise construction! 

Obama absurdly appoints LA Mayor Eric Garcetti to Global Warming Commission to solve the problem that this Big City Mayor helped to create himself as one of the foxes guarding the henhouse!

Dear Volunteer Polar Bear Protector:Swiftly defrosting Arctic wildlife are ruthlessly taken hostage in exchange for an expanded LA skyline! More and more polar bears in Western Hudson Bay, for example, are being left thin and malnourished, demonstrating a form of velvet animal cruelty!

Make the Big Difference for Polar Bears



Polar bear cubs above have since perished!

Bogus-Green Limp-Dick Liberals like Honorable Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles and a host of other ostensible anti-global warming adherents fail to acknowledge that every time a monster hi-rise is allowed to commence construction in a city such as Los Angeles, large numbers of polar bears are ultimately sentenced to death by proxy due to climbing temperatures in their native Arctic habitat while future generations of polar bears will be trapped on warming slabs of floating tundra and indirectly condemned to slow extinction!In the spring, these Arctic bears have a very short period of time to hunt for easy to catch young seals for food. But in response to steadily rising global temperatures over the past few decades, disturbingly and increasingly emanating from large mega-cities such as LA, the ice has broken early—a full three weeks earlier than it happened only 30 short years ago …, spelling doom for these proud creatures!This early relentless melt of hard ice into slush during their spring hunting time has helped make starvation and malnourishment an all-too-common way of life for the polar bear, who are unable to hire slick lawyer-lobbyists to visit DC or LA to push their frozen-solid political agenda in both Houses of Congress or at City Halls, in order to save the lives of the vulnerable, adorable cubs that you can for now-only view above. 

Massive urban hi-rises , some reaching into the sky more than 60 stories, in places like LA create nefarious super heat-columns that destroy the upper atmosphere and ultimately kill defenseless bear cubs a thousand miles distant. 

The invisible fingerprints of phony progressive leaders like the duplicitous Mayor of LA ,Mr. Eric Garcetti, are to be found all over the Arctic crime scene that is currently sadly strewn with the rotting corpses of innocent polar bears!

These creatures died horribly so that opportunistic skyscraper construction workers and their bosses (willing to build anything for the right price, including detention centers for political naysayers) might live … high on the hog!

Please join today in helping prevent polar bears from becoming the next endangered species on the rapidly growing list!

Polar bears can grow to be ten feet tall and weigh over 1,400 pounds. As more bears starve to death due to the deadly impacts of hi-rise-inspired climate change that liberals are now in this case denying almost as vehemently and ridiculously as right-wing nut cases who attack climate change with ignorant arguments of self-denial are.

A clear warning sign is emerging that there’s something terribly wrong in the natural world that gets exacerbated by the hordes of fuzzy-minded Democratic Party office-holders (local and national) who receive huge amounts of hefty campaign contribution cash from Don’t-Give-A-Damn-About-The-Environment Big Labor Union Bosses, who are loudly chanting: “JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!” while jumping lock-stock-and-barrel on the careening tall-building-construction bandwagon!

Progressive scientists and those willing to echo their pleas and are not wholly owned by “We’ll Build Any Damn Thing” Labor Union Bosses presently possess the needed clout to make genuine political changes that will give desperately struggling-to-survive polar bears a fighting chance for a future new lease on life; but only if we support these melting Arctic ice creatures by just saying no to any more big city high rise construction!

Right now, we are faced with the fleeting opportunity to radically change history for polar bears’ fate!

The EPA has proposed a strong plan to tackle creeping climate change. However, unless we demonstrate loud and clear the widespread public support for limiting carbon pollution through seriously hampering the proliferation of hi-rise construction in our urban core areas, polar bears, who have become climate fugitives in their own millennia-long natural habitat, will surely fall tragic victim again and again to greedy attempts by big fat urban construction polluters collaborating hand-in-hand with hyper-callous construction labor union big shots to prevent our long-time fine, furry friends from crossing alive and well the rapidly melting finish line.

With your indispensable help today, we can together fight climate deniers and PC climate exploiters by injecting our loud voices into the mix of climate-change press coverage and helping to inspire grassroots action/support in communities large and small across this country for stand-tall militant opposition to proliferating cancerous city-center hi-rise monoliths!




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