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Rent control activists seek to expand anti-slumlord legislation introduced by SF State Senator Mark Leno to include protections for the City of LA!


Lawmaker seeks to slow San Francisco tenant displacement

Los Angeles Rent Control Activists urge State Senator, Mark Leno, to include City of LA in his pro-tenants’ rights bill

State Sen. Mark Leno announced legislation SB 1439 on Monday that would change state law in order to severely hamper real estate speculators in San Francisco from booting out long term tenants from their rent-controlled units (aka homes)!

The tragic unintended consequences of the Ellis Act of 1985 have led to high-profile displacements of seniors, disabled people and low-income families.

This landmark bill proposed by Senator Leno (D-San Francisco), would eliminate a treacherous Ellis Act loophole that has allowed nefarious real estate speculators to snap up rent-controlled buildings and move immediately to dispel their tenant!

These buildings are then sold as tenancies-in-common to buyers at a huge profit. Thus permanently removed from the city of San Francisco’s already dwindling rental housing stock. This dire situation is the same in LA!

The new Leno bill would authorize San Francisco and perhaps the City of Los Angeles –if legislation is expanded — to ban new property owners from invoking the Ellis Act to evict tenants for five years after the acquisition of a property, further require that landlords activate their Ellis Act rights only once, and lastly create penalties for violations of these new provisions.

SF’s Mark Leno held a news conference Monday with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee as well as tenant advocates, and leaders of business and labor!

“Our bill gives San Francisco an opportunity to stop the bleeding and save the unique fabric of our city,” he said of his Senate Bill, which ought to be expanded now to fully include the City of Los Angeles within its tenant protections!

According to officials, about 50% of SF’s Year of 2013 evictions were initiated by greedy landlords who had held a property for less than one year … with LA not far behind statistically; the majority of those horrible evictions took place during the first six months of ownership.

“These speculators are turning a quick profit at the expense of long-time tenants and do nothing to add needed housing in our city,” SF Mayor Ed Lee added, while ostensibly progressive Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles, who has crawled eagerly into the deep pockets of local rent control vulture/speculators in exchange for LA Mayoral political campaign contributions, remains oddly silent on the issue of rent control legislative improvements, such as what’s contained in this crucial bill!

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) on Friday introduced companion legislation, AB 2405, that would allow any local jurisdiction — through its County Board of Supervisors or by a public vote — to enact a moratorium on Ellis Act tenant evictions.

The pro-tenant blogs below endorse both bills and call on every LA State Senator and Assembly member to immediately endorse these measures!

In particular, State Senator Alex Padilla who is currently running feverishly for the office of California Secretary of State against State Senator Leland Yee is urged wholeheartedly to climb aboard the pro-tenant bandwagon!





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