No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Democratic Soon-To-Be-LoserFor Congress-Seat Wendy Greuel wastes her worthless time at Democratic Party State Convention@LA Convention Center


Get a load of LA Mayoral Loser Ms. Wendy Greuel here caught flat-footed standing alone totally unrecognized at 11:30 AM Sat.3/7/14 in LA Convention Center’s crowded hallway (on the abandoned site of the abortive Farmers Field football stadium) during the Democratic Party’s big-ass convention … begging any damn one nearby to stop and stand in front of her for a second or two and listen silently so that Little Wendy. “Blowhard” Greuel can orally pimp her own pathetic electoral ass for Congress by handing each a flyer that will instantly be thrown away!

More sites and snark to come from jwalshconfidential … uncredentialed and proud of it!!


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