No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

How would you like a bullet hole right between your two brown probably Jew eyes, punk-ass liberal? Huh?


Greetings: For Real White Americans only:

Tone-Deaf Ted Nugget here, with an important message for you: Mr. Barack “Black Ain’t So Beautiful” Obama and your twerpy, radical America-hating, leftist fetus-killing goons who are perilously close to taking away our guns and shoving them fully-loaded up our patriotic Red, White and Blue asses by nullifying the goddam Second Amendment.


Marksmen/ Patriots better wake up right away-goddammit-and fight back real dirty together  before it’s too damn late for ass-whompin’!

That’s why I need you to join me — so I’m willing to give you a real big incentive…

How would you like a brand new military-style AR-15 for free so you can jump out of bed anytime and shoot blindly at home In the dark toward the general direction of anything that makes the slightest sound … Just like that cool dude Pistorius!

Or you can carelessly leave this deadly rifle you might win around the house so that your whacked-out 14-year old son can take it with him to school one day for a little un-approved target practice?

Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, Dianne Feinstein, John Hickenlooper, and the PC-only douche bags at jwalshconfidential.wordpress.com are itchin’ for nothing more than a bloody fight to universally ban the blessed AR-15 rifle — and all of our other God-Given guns,including even them goddam squirt pistols!

Thankfully,The Almighty has placed a few Second Amendment champions on Earth,like Mr. Tom Tanko, who we can count on to lead the effin’ firefight to protect our right to keep  smokin’ guns all over our private property… along with all of our other treasured Constitutional liberties…except that one so-called liberty which  oughta be jettisoned that BS Liberals claim allows anyone to be a Homosexual Atheist without my right to blow away scum like they are!

US Congressman Mr. Tom Tanko is running for Governor in one of the most militantly anti-gun states in the USA: Colorado!  That’s why he urgently needs our hyper-generous financial help immediately in the form of lotsa donated long-green!

Dont be a tightwad the way the Jews usually are! That’s why we’re giving away by lottery a free AR-15 to any fellow gung-ho revolver-maniac supporter like yourself who digs into
his big ole fat wallet to come up right away with some real dough!

Simply follow this link and enter to win a semi-automatic (BANG! BANG!YOURE F*CKIN’ DEAD!) AR15 — then make a donation of $25 or hopefully lots, lots more to help Tom T. keep our ballistic freedoms protected.



Lissen up!: The deadline to enter is Friday, March 21.

That’s just one very excellent reason why I’m  unhesitatingly supporting Tom Tanko in his Rocky Mountain High gubernatorial campaign!

Tom is a cold-blooded potential killer of any minority target be they Black, Brown,Yellow Red or Blue like in Avatar who aways carries a hand gun–loaded or unloaded– ready at any second for a one-on-one non-white skinned face-off!

As a Tea Party-Hearty lawmaker,Tom struts his stuff in DC having  politically opposed in the past  our Punk-Ass President George Bush’s wasteful spending spree; having  racially opposed amnesty for dumb-as-dirt-illegal-armed to-the-teeth-good-for-nuthin’ criminally crazy wetback sub-humans; and, of course, having religiously opposed hyper-insane infringements to our sacred Second Amendment Rights,which can be found for easy reference contained in The Holy Scripture!

Mark my words: We desperately need to keep our fully-loaded firearms that come with unlimited ammo, in every room of our homes, including the nursery under a pillow, in order to ruthlessly eliminate every damn one of those scum-suck leftist  prowlers who aren’t worth their own weight in a bucket of blood-laced spit!

But there’s no getting around this nationwide anti-gun limp-dick liberal crusade of theirs that endlessly seeks to muzzle people like Tom and me and you,too!

Obama, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Hickenlooper, and those HOLLYWOODHIGHLANDS.ORG Commie-Simp cronies who will  keep spending un-told millions upon millions of their own anti-firearms-for-every-(freakin’)-body campaign dollars–just like the sainted Koch Bros.spend their funds super freely on our side of the damn fence– to  squash Tom Tanko  and like-minded other gun-idolizers so that the stinkin’ Left can elect even more foul fractured finger-puppet-types that are  gonna cravenly kowtow to their monstrously evil,merciless anti-gun-lib agenda!

But me and you just gotta refuse to let them assholes get away with it — hey, will you help me out immediately?

Stand with Ted Nugget and Tom Tanko and fight for your super-holy Second Amendment Spiritual rights by joining our campaign’s firearm anti-control contest and sending me like $30 bucks for starters to qualify for winning a semi-automatic AR-15 that is guaranteed to make your dick as hard as a rock when squeezing the trigger and watching it shoot all over the messy place!

We can’t let these politically-correct freakin’ fags inside of some “we the sheeple” Governor’s Mansions all around America and in the Only-Half-White-For-Now White House succeed in pissing straight up inside our Conservative butts as well as using our version of The US Constitution for crappy ass-wipe and prying away our Fully-Loaded-Against-Liberals deadly guns from our warm, nimble fingers!

Listen, Left-Wing firing-pin-stealing jerks laying-in-wait out there to blow us away by passing local antigun legislation,Tom Tanko and yours truly,Ted Nugget, swear on a stack of back issue GUN magazines to fight back by opening deadly fire on you without any pity at all come next Election Day!

So  every effin’ body stand with us today for heaven’s sake!

The Free Rifle contest ends Next Friday,March 21, 2014. Please get movin’ and enter today!

Sincerely, American HIV-Positive BloodBrother


Ted Nugget and The Manson Family Types

P.S.You wanna win a  complimentary AR-15? So stand effin’ tall with me and my good friend Tom Tanko and help us fight the good fight to preserve our explosive Second Amendment rights.

All you have to do is follow this link and enter to win a semi-automatic AR-15 —
When you’re done vividly imagining that you’re fondlin’ and heavy strokin’ this piece of fiery gun metal to climax, then consider making a hefty donation of $40 or a good deal more bucks to help Tom Tanko & me to keep our freedom-to-open-fire on anyone else we personally feel might be threatening us…Constitutionally Protected

The contest ends on Friday, March 21, 2014. Therefore enter right away today or else!


Paid for By Tanko For Governor

This message was intended for: hollywooddems@gmail.com

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