No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh



From: “Ted Nugent” <info@tancredoforgovernor.org>

Date: March 16, 2014, 7:28:46 AM PDT
To: John Walsh <hollywooddems@gmail.com>
Subject: Fwd: Look
Reply-To: info@tancredoforgovernor.org

John ,I’m not sure you’ve entered?

Look, I’m trying to give away an brand new AR-15. If you’re against freedom or don’t want it, then don’t enter the contest.

BUT, if you’d like to keep and maybe even exercise your 2nd Amendment rights, I’d encourage you to reconsider. Without your support — first Colorado, then the rest of the nation, will fall prey to revisionist liberals like Michael Bloomberg and John Hickenlooper.

If they succeed, we’ll all be stuck with sippy-cups and water-pistols.

ENTER here to win an AR-15. Partner with me to save our 2nd amendment rights.


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Greetings, Real Americans.

Ted Nugent here, with an important message for you: Barack Obama and his radical America-hating leftist goons are perilously close to taking away our guns and nullifying the Second Amendment.

We all better wake up and fight back together before it’s too late! AND I need you to join me — so I’m willing to give you some incentive…

How would you like a brand new AR-15 for free? BETWEEN YOUR EYES 01

Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, Dianne Feinstein, and John Hickenlooper want nothing more than to ban the AR-15 rifle — and all of our guns. Thankfully, there are a few Second Amendment champions left, like Tom Tancredo, who we can count on to the lead the fight to protect our guns and all of our constitutional liberties.

Tom Tancredo is running for Governor in one of the most anti-gun states in the union, so he urgently needs our help. That’s why we’re giving away a free AR-15 to a fellow gung-ho gun supporter.

Simply follow this link and enter to win a semi-automatic AR-15 — then make a donation of $25 or more to help Tom keep our freedoms protected. The deadline to enter is Friday, March 21.

There’s a very good reason I’m supporting Tom Tancredo in his gubernatorial campaign. Tom is relentless. As a congressman, he made waves in Washington by vehemently opposing President Bush’s wasteful spending spree, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and of course, insane infringements to our sacred Second Amendment rights. Mark my words: we’ll keep our guns if Tom wins this race.

But there’s no getting around the anti-gun crusade that wishes to shut people like Tom and me up. Obama, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Hickenlooper, and their Hollywood cronies will spend millions of dollars to defeat Tom and elect a puppet that will kowtow to their anti-gun agenda. But I refuse to let them get away with it — will you help me?

Stand with me and Tom Tancredo and fight for your sacred Second Amendment rights by joining our campaign’s contest to win a semi-automatic AR-15.

We can’t let the clowns in some “we the sheeple” Governor’s Mansions and in the White House succeed in shredding our constitution and take away our guns. Tom Tancredo will fight for you, so stand with us today.

The contest ends on Friday, March 21, 2014. Please enter today!

Sincerely, American BloodBrothers,

Ted Nugent and family

P.S. Want to win a free AR-15? Stand with me and my good friend Tom Tancredo and help us fight for our sacred Second Amendment rights. All you have to do is follow this link and enter to win a semi-automatic AR-15 — when you’re done, consider making a donation of $25 or more to help Tom keep our freedoms protected. The contest ends on Friday, March 21, 2014. Please enter today!

Paid for By Tancredo For Governor


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