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LA Times admits errors in Occidental College stories, fires reporter* – LA Observed

LA TIMES - RALPH FRAMMOLIMO 01http://www.laobserved.com/archive/2014/03/la_times_admits_errors_in.php


LA’s “Good Gray” Times admits to irreversible errors in Occidental College investigative stories and then fires guilty culprit/reporter for allegedly having hot sex with horny source for Occidental Cover-Up?

LA Times wimpy new CEO Mr. Jock Gryphon is asked by JWALSH CONFIDENTIAL website to promptly fire responsible Editor-In-Chief “Divine Maharajah” who is ultimately to blame for this excruciatingly embarrassing lapse in journalistic ethics!


LA Observed file photo Did sex between reporter Jason SQUELCH and his gorgeous source occur in the LA Times restroom at the Bldg.downtown?

A weird editor’s note appeared the other afternoon on the Los Angeles Times website confessing that officials of Occidental College had convinced LA Times red-faced editors that the Times was plain dead wrong to report in December that Oxy had “failed to disclose 27 alleged sexual assaults that occurred in 2012.”

The Times internet note in question says Occidental College officials have just now sternly warned the Newspaper that some of the alleged assaults did not fit the definition of campus crimes that must be reported under the federal Clery Act.

But this unexplained editor’s note buried the really sick story–underneath the muck–about Bad-Boy Reporter SQUELCH’s horny antics and his semi-worthless sub-editor’s piss-poor editing super-boner that were directly responsible for  this monumental news-reporting f*ck-up!

Near the bottom of this Internet-camouflaged item, the LA Times says editor Divine Maharajah today fired reporter Jason SQUELCH  for not disclosing an inappropriate (meaning sexual as in reporter’s stiff penis repeatedly entering into and departing from his story-source’s juicy vagina) relationship with this open-legged, big-mouthed whistle-blower (among other things including Jason’s male member that must have got blown by this rogue source ) who is principally responsible for the Times/Occidental investigative stories getting successfully vetted and making it into print after this sexy source “slept” with news hawk, “Dreamboat” Jason SQUELCH! (See delicious photo below of reporter Jason!)

No details of this torrid affair or the true identity of SQUELCH’s (HIV-Positive?) source were given … although journalistic watchdogs throughout America are impatiently clamoring for the LA Times to stop “squelching” the God’s-Honest Truth and make a full confession!

Times Bosses, only recently started looking into last year’s complain centering on the thoroughly-discredited author of these articles, staff writer Jason SQUELCH!

Had “Horndog Jason” engaged in a wildly inappropriate steamy relationship with someone who was the source for the Dec. 7 story and others that Mr. SQUELCH had written that were connected to the sexist-dominated Occidental College hierarchy’s purported rape news cover-up; and the self-same hierarchy’s completely “half-assed” handling of the many allegations of on-campus sexual hanky-panky and criminal assaults!

Times Reporter J. SQUELCH now acknowledges that after his repeated source-humping had eventually ceased, the sec-mad newshound continued to use that self-same targeted person as a source for future articles after having had his anonymous way with the victim/source repeatedly!

Times Editor Divine Maharajah reamed the Lilly-White ass of “Pretty Boy” SQUELCH on Friday. Maharajah said the inappropriate relationship with a “source” and  his abject failure to disclose it much earlier constituted “a professional lapse of the kind that no widely-respected news organization (or even the slipping-in-stature LA Times) can tolerate; male Times reporters are cautioned to  keep their fly zipped up at all times while interviewing good-looking young female sources … and the same warning applies to Gay male Times reporters! Especially when as a result of this growing scandal, both the alleged sexual harassment victim and the alleged sexual harassment assailant are both dropping big hints about each filing a real nasty lawsuit against the deep-pocketed Tribune Corp.!

Editor Maharajah added: “Our (already faltering) journalistic credibility depends on the silly fiction of the Times  being a neutral, unbiased source of information — in appearance as well as in fact.”

“Speaking of appearance, take a gander at Pretty Boy Jason good looks right here: “To Die For!” Huh?

LA TIMES - RALPH FRAMMOLIMO 01  Last month Occidental College retained the crisis PR firm of G.F. Buntink & Co. to assist with media relations spotlighting this out-of-control sexual assault Problem! What’s interesting about that is Buntink’s lead executive in Los Angeles is former Times reporter Ralph Frammolimo, a long-time SQUELCH bosom buddy!

What’s really damning about that is Mister Frammolimo is the co-author of a book on the Getty Museum with none other than (You guessed it!) Jason SQUELCH himself! “Chasing Afrodite” which followed after their work together for years and years, digging up dirt for investigative stories at the Times.

“In 2006, SQUELCH and Frammolimo were the lucky finalists for the much-coveted Pulitzer Prize in Investigative Reporting for exposing the role of the J. Paul Getty Museum and other American museums in the black market for looted antiquities,” says the “Chasing Afrodite “website. How the mighty have fallen?

So … Did Ralphie-Boy Frammolimo rat out naive Mr. Jason SQUELCH to his former Editor Divine Maharajah as part of that new Buntink job of Frammolimo’s … right after Jason whispered a confession of his own sexual indiscretions into his falsely-assumed-best-friend-Ralph’s ear?

Did Mr. SQUELCH subsequently provide a revised statement to the Press that reads something like this:

“Weeks ago, I voluntarily disclosed this intense source-sex, highly satisfying on an animal level, relationship of mine to my Times editors.  Of course this took place only after I discovered that these same Times editors already knew about my prodigious sex exploits at Occidental College thanks to a certain loud-mouth now former friend of mine that I have no intention of naming here … maybe I’ll name him at a wrongful termination trial of mine! Okay!

“So I, Jason SQUELCH, began to cooperate with the LAT Editor-in Chief’s investigation in a purely personal-damage-containment move!

“Nevertheless, this Friday, I got royally screwed up the bleeding butt and booted out of the Spring Street Times Building on that same cute ass of mine for nothing more than creating the harmless appearance of a potential conflict of interest. Poor Victimized Me!

“I conditionally accept full responsibility for every one of the totally shitty things that I perhaps have been caught red-handed doing and quasi-sincerely regret the real damage it may have caused to my formerly-close-knit family — who everyone of them feels personally betrayed by me–as well as a similarly betrayed mob of my back-biting angry Times colleagues (who accuse me of harming their news reporters’ reputations, too, through guilt-by-association) at one of the nation’s most-desperately struggling newspaper operations where smart reporters are abandoning ship almost daily!

“On December 7th, weeks before the alleged commencement of that fateful sex relationship, I, Jason, wrote an article that stated, among other things, that Occidental College (Obama’s semi-alma mater, incidentally) had failed to disclose 27 sexual assaults in 2012!

“This serious claim was based upon a confidential Clery Act complaint now being investigated by federal authorities. The allegation was supported by other documents and interviews that indicated Occidental’s Dean of Students had told faculty members in the Fall of 2012 that there had been 34 sexual assaults that year. Occidental disclosed only a measly seven!

“Before the Los Angeles Times story’s publication, Occidental College bigwigs declined to comment on the allegation, refusing to make the limp-dicked Dean or other college officials available for Times interviews.

“For three long, lousy months after the goddam story first appeared, no “damn” body representing Occidental College raised the slightest objection to my account of the goings-on! The same college that had previously acknowledged failing to disclose two dozen other sexual assaults, in violation of federal law, I might add!

“Suddenly last week, out of the ‘effin blue, Occidental provided my bullying editors with BS-laden “new” information suggesting that, under federal reporting guidelines, the college was not required to report the 27 complaints made in 2012.


“If Oxy’s account is true, then I deeply regret this human error of mine kinda/sorta and am fully prepared to kiss every high mucky-muck Occidental crappy ass in order to make amends!

“In my checkered career of ten years as an investigative reporter at the Los Angeles Times, I, Jason SQUELCH, often held accuracy and fairness as one of my semi-highest duties to our fast dwindling number of print-edition readers.

“Despite my series of tremendously self-destructive errors outlined here, I semi-sincerely hope to be able to uphold my abandoned previous standard of high journalistic excellence again … sometime maybe in the dim future, in the unlikely event that I ever get another honest-to-God reporting job that is any higher than re-writing advertisers’ press releases at a weekly suburban shopper “newspaper” somewhere near Hell … which is the only work that I can realistically expect to be offered after this self-induced, monumental, career-ending disaster of mine!” AAARGH! (Thump!)



Photo of SQUELCH: ChasingAphrodite.com





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