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L.A. City Council pays $185,000 as hush money settlement in Jose Huizar drunk-driving crash case


The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday voted unanimously to pay $185,000 to end a potentially hyper-nasty lawsuit over a rear-end collision involving a goddam city car driven by drunk-as-hell Councilman Jose Huizar!

On a “close” 14-0 vote, craven council members bailed out one of their tipsy own and signed off on this outrageous payout to David Ceja, a former Huntington Park police officer whose vehicle was struck by Huizar’s city-owned SUV in 2012 when totally-pissed Huizar was weaving while driving home from a wild staff party.

The stone-faced council approved the agreement without comment. Because the settlement was treated as a routine consent item, conspiring lawmakers did not discuss the case — either in open session or behind closed doors — during the meeting, that is! The fix, of course, already in by way of one-on-one “private” conversations between LA City Council members in the City Council back room!

After the vote, Council President & terminal Nicotine-Addict Herb Wesson clammed up and said he definitely would not discuss the secret reasoning behind this incredibly high payment with which the plaintiff could buy himself 3 Saturns like he was driving of the same damn value!

We’ve got a pretty political city attorney and we blindly followed his recommendation on this matter once Garcetti had signed off on this “muzzle the victim deal”! Wesson boasted.

Huizar was hiding on the Council backroom during the vote and released a BS statement an hour later. “While this was the type of unfortunate accident that could have happened to anybody else while drunk driving, I take no financial responsibility for my part in this dirty money pay out matter,” he said shamefacedly!

“I wasn’t personally involved directly in the final settlement agreement but my toady staff indirectly sat in on the talks and informed me of what was going final down until the settlement was mutually agreed upon by the City Attorney’s office. The plaintiff’s attorney and, of course, most importantly by yours truly!

The lawsuit was one of two that have been hanging over the councilman’s fat head for a while!

In another case, a former gorgeous female staffer whose panties Jose has often been getting into has accused Horny Jose of engaging in sexual harassment and retaliation.

Huizar, 45 and balding, has described the lawsuit, filed by former deputy chief of staff Francine “Built like a Brick Shithouse” Godoy as false and malicious! MY! MY!

However, J. Huizar, also went public with his admission that he had a juicy extramarital affair with Godoy, who had worked for him for seven years.; further stating that she was lousy sex, refusing to perform on him what Monica Lewinsky performed on President Bill Clinton plus Francine Godoy may be the tramp responsible for transmitting Herpes to the Councilman’s 3 inch brown penis!

A steamy-sex trial in the Godoy lawsuit scheduled starting November 10! Be there or be square!

In the car crash case, Huizar’s city-owned SUV struck Senor Ceja’s Saturn at an intersection in Boyle Heights. Ceja’s lawyer filed a claim against the city initially for $510,000 two months later and questioned whether Huizar received special treatment from the scum-suck Los Angeles Police Department investigators who took over the accident scene investigation once LAPD higher-ups were informed that the accident involved a City Councilman had occurred!

Attorney Humberto Guizar asserted that police waited 2½ f*ckin’ hours in order for Huizar to sober up before administering a Breathalyzer test to Huizar which should have been administered immediately after Huizar was apprehended to determine how much alcohol he had consumed before taking the wheel!

Huizar allegedly tested at 0% although LAPD refuses to release the test results. He was not arrested. The legal limit for blood-alcohol content is 0.08%. The two and a half wait time between the smash-up and the Breathalyzer test the test gave Jose’s body plenty of goddam time to reduce his alcohol blood level to zero!

Asked about those issues two weeks ago, mouthpiece Guizar said he now has “no concerns” about police treatment of Huizar as long as his client Ceja was paid off to the tune of $185,000 to keep his big fat mouth shut!


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