No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

CBS-News, Scott Pelley, labels Special Report on LAX Shooting & its chaotic aftermath: “Scathing”!


Communication problems rapidly escalated to mass confusion! LAX has second worst safety conditions … behind Malaysia!

The Tragic Trifecta: Phones, Radios and Alarms failed to work during major LAX emergency. The only damn thing that worked that awful day was the immediate cover-up engineered by Mayor and appearing as “news reporting “in the LA TIMES!

LA Times got scooped by AP on this negative report story weeks ago.

Do-Nothing Mayor Garcetti tries to pass the buck for fatal LAX mass confusion by twisting the Consultant’s hyper-harsh report in front of some fawning news media. Only solution stemming from this excellent Special Report must be dissolution of Chief Patrick Gannon’s “wild card” Police Force with unifying command switched to Charlie Beck’s LAPD!

The emergency response to November’s deadly shooting at Los Angeles International Airport was hampered by abysmally-poor communications and a profound absence of practiced coordination between these dueling rival security agencies: the strictly-professional LAPD versus the rank-amateur rogue Airport Police!

This festering long-time power-struggle contributed mightily to the chaotic LAX evacuation and the unacceptable delays in reaching the dying victim who might have been saved and the others injured who were begging for quick medical attention during the never-had-to-happen LAX mayhem, according to some red-faced City officials squirming through an apologetically-tinged Mayoral Press Conference on Tuesday that sought to downplay the findings of the newly-released independent damning Emergency Safety Report! LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s main message explaining to the Press the LAX Shootout & its chaotic aftermath was: “SHIT HAPPENS”!

The third-rate reporting coverage at LA Times that now consists of Weikel & Nelson killed the locally embarrassing elements of this story for months as a favor to the Mayor & the City Fathers (Masters) … only to be forced to partially confront their dishonest past reporting deeds today due to this Special Report that flatly contradicts a large portion of The LA Times on-the-spot slanted coverage of the 11/1/13 chaos that primarily relied on false facts spoon-fed to Reporter Dan Weikel (and accepted unquestioningly) by the leader of the Airport Cop union who had a big axe to grind in the matter!

(Visit JWALSHCONFIDENTIAL’s earlier LAX Security Breakdown posts of 11-3-13; 1/26/14 & 2/27/14 to discover how today’s excellent report has turned our past allegations of widespread security mishaps into current factual vindication!)

The local City Hall bloggers stood virtually alone for months in pointing toward the bleeding-to-death of an LAX TSA agent caused by an inexcusable time delay due to the emergency phones that were inexplicably out-of-order and the paramedics who were forced to take much, much too long to arrive at the scene of the shooting because of a series of emergency communications screw-ups! Everything that’s been alleged by LA City Hall bloggers since Day One of this preventable tragedy has been essentially corroborated by the welcome appearance of this LAX Emergency Failure Report!

Jumpy Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, citing the new Failure report on the shooting and the lone gunman’s air terminal rampage, has at last been forced to confess to the wholly unwarranted confusion following the Ciancia gun attack that left a federal security officer dead in a pool of his own blood.

The TSA murder victim’s bloody death photo can now be viewed at jwalshconfidential.wordpress.com. (See it and weep over this needless dying!)

The deadly fracas stemmed from a unique-to-LA horrible lack of communication between perpetually feuding turf-war tangle artists leading the two main first-responder agencies (Beck & Gannon) who are still sniping at one another behind the scenes! A prime example of the sad failure of local political leadership that immediately went into cover-up-the-goddam-mess mode even before the shocking pool of spilled blood of TSA agent Gerardo Hernandez had time to dry on the LAX Terminal floor!

The report on the Nov. 1 incident quite negatively evaluated the hapless performance of public safety agencies and the emergency management team of Los Angeles World Airports, which operates LAX with a detached, public-be-damned attitude toward public safety that even fares poorly in comparison to other international airport hellholes to be found in Libya and Somalia!

“The biggest failure was the near total lack of communication & coordination” Mayor Eric Garcetti mumbled into the mike at Hizzoner’s own excruciatingly defensive, smirk-filled news conference at LAX  … personally refusing to shoulder any blame himself as the local head politico-in-charge when the LAX killing and mass confusion took place by cleverly employing his unique blend of mayoral velvet arrogance to mesmerize the Mainstream Media!

For Mayor Garcetti:”The Buck never STOPS here!” Instead for Hizzoner: “The Buck always STARTS here!”

Garcetti, as well as law enforcement and airport officials with the notably honorable exception of LAPD’s Beck, starting way back when the crime scene was still fresh, heaped wholly undeserved praise on Airport Police Chief Patrick Gannon head as hero for his (falsely) claiming to have responded within an acceptable number of minutes to a call telling of an active shooter inside Terminal 3; when according to the new report, the hero turned out not to be the cops but actually a swift-thinking non-police airport employee who saved the day by personally dialing airport police dispatch from his own humble cellphone–only after the LAX’s multi-million dollar alert system had totally (but not un-expectedly) failed miserably during the shooting crisis! Who is to blame? The Mayor says certainly no one in charge!

Even after first-responders arrived quite late, they still experienced trouble communicating with one another because they quite absurdly were not furnished with radios that operated compatibly, Garcetti said … once again neither taking any personal responsibility nor pointing the finger of guilt at anyone else for this deadly snafu … such as Mayoral appointee and confidante Airport Police Chief Patrick Gannon!

Incredibly, it took 45 minutes for the Keystone Cops-like Airport Police to beat back LAPD’s legitimate claim to be in charge, (thanks to the Mayor siding with Gannon) and put together a unified command structure under Gannon, of course, following the shooting, the report said; adding sarcastically that even at that late juncture an incident command post “did not ever fully mature.” Holy Shit! Not a single LAX security system responded as designed to respond! And nobody responsible gets fired! Only in LA, Folks!

The report’s independent auditors also damningly discovered an inexcusably undetected “technical malfunction” in the Terminal 3 emergency alert system following the shooting which we are asked to believe Airport Chief Gannon was totally unaware of up until the moment he glanced at this Special Failure Report!

This excellent airport-wide safety meltdown report –The damnable lies of Chief Patrick Gannon not withstanding — also informs us that no one in charge of LAX Security that day was aware that other panic alarms and some red emergency phones were not working properly, contributing significantly to the airport chaos that lasted for hours! The Failure Report issued four and a half months after the LAX shootout apparently was the first anyone in charge of LAX knew about these serious communications malfunctions!

The first contact with emergency personnel came ironically a minute after the shooting, when a panicked TSA agent picked up a red phone in the terminal and then dropped it, the report said. Dispatchers on the other end of the phone line heard shooting; but ignored the noise and did nothing right away, playing dumb by claiming subsequently that they hadn’t the slightest idea where the shooting was happening.

Assuming the role of a defense attorney with an obviously guilty client, Mayor Garcetti likewise played both dumb and politically-correct at his public apology-lacking Press Conference by announcing the airport will create a nifty new alert system that will automatically appear on cellphones in the area … Sometime in the unforeseen future!!!

The same LAX officials are also, according to Eric, planning sometime in that same dim future to install “sexy” new alarms that passengers or employees can pull in the terminal areas, plus adding a universal voice-of-God type public-address system all throughout each terminal. None of these proposed moves, however, will bring the dead TSA Agent back to life!                                      YADDAH! YADDAH! YADDAH!

Garcetti also had the colossal nerve to try partially pinning the blame for the LAX security breakdowns and lapses on Governor Jerry Brown’s California’s 911 system, which in some areas connects cellphone callers to the California Highway Patrol.  Garcetti said quite tardily that he plans to push changes to dispatch-procedures so that cellphone callers are connected to the closest law enforcement agency. Hapless Mayor Garcetti can’t even piss straight without appointing at least five members to a new special city commission tasked with the job of discovering brand new methods for successfully discharging the mayoral solemn responsibility for urinating in both a steady and a straight stream!

On that chaotic day of the shooting, passengers and their families had little or no on-the-spot information about the status of the shooting or its aftermath.  Stunned would-be passengers could be seen aimlessly wandering the streets near LAX, dragging heavy luggage, unsure if their flights would be rebooked or whether they should simply duck and cover!”

“People were with no information by and large for too many hours and that was unacceptable,” said Garcetti spilling out his guts by making such a huge understatement. Mayor Eric states further: “I personally found myself, as mayor, going up to these poor unfortunates … and falsely assuring them by saying: “It’s only going to be a few hours, go to a hotel, and for Christ’s sake get a stiff alcoholic beverage to drink! We shouldn’t have to rely on safety shills like myself in a life or death emergency” confessed this “Do-Nothing” Playboy Mayor Garcetti!

Officials have also vaguely discussed creating from scratch so-called tactical paramedics, who would be trained to tend to the future victims of another inevitable LAX safety super-emergency during (God Forbid!) a sniper shooting or the like  … except there is no money in future budgets for very expensive safety plans and construction like that. So big plans will probably end up being postponed indefinitely!

Law enforcement officers at the airport will no longer be dispersed from standing fixed positions as they were ordered to do after Chief Gannon took command! Gannon, who should shoulder all the blame for everything horrible that happened on that fateful day, is constantly blaming everybody else and everything else for the ensuing chaos … except himself!  Chief P. Gannon who ought to be fired by the Mayor promptly before the sun rises tomorrow is now using the laughable alibi that that current officer staffing levels should have been more “flexible” on Nov.1, noting “incidents can come at checkpoints, they can come on runways, they can come at curbside, and they can come in the middle of my own guilty-as-hell lap!”

“Look ,Chief Asshole, sir, you were the one who ordered your Airport Cops to stop protecting TSA Agents and yanked those armed guards from their TSA stations where they had been successfully serving as TSA bodyguards for  many years before you were appointed Chief! In other words, if airport cops had remained where your predecessor had stationed them instead of being order to drift around the Airport, this monumental tragedy would never have occurred! As a result of your commands, these “precious” airport cops serving under your nose were  found instead hanging out in a terminal restroom when the ballistic shit hit the fan that horrible day!

The airport police force has 20 vacancies, and applicants’ background checks are pending in other city departments. Finishing this paperwork speedily, Garcetti maintains and adding them to the on-duty airport cop roster would only create a false sense of security. We need more LAPD officers charged with protecting all of us at the airport; so let’s not try to solve this systemic problem by adding-on a few more jerk-off Airport police! Right now Airport security isn’t really a damn bit better than it was that cold day last Fall when all LAX Hell broke loose!

These Garcetti safety suggestions that he’s smugly offering much too late are “an official excuse” to be used as defense  in future multi-million dollar LAX negligence lawsuits that are bound to be filed by victims!

“We favor steady safety evolution at LAX,” never-held-accountable LAX director Gina Marie Lindsey adds: “Our LAX learning will be a catalyst for other airports all over the world!” Her BS is nothing more than a feeble attempt at shifting the blame away from the Mayor and his loyal bun boy, Chief Pat Gannon!



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