No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Abandoned Warner Pacific Theater sits precariously on Hollywood Blvd. since tenant Ecclesia Church Congregation unfairly lose their lease! Historic Movie Palace at 6433 H.B. is the likeliest next unexplained target for a devastating fire here in the Unsolved Arson Capitol of the World!


Hollywood Pacific Theater (1928-?) RIP!

Are LAFD inspectors asleep on the job? Is this former Cinerama Theater a fire trap just waiting to burst into flames at the hands of those haphazardly living & sleeping inside; or at the despicable hands of another paid-to-torch-the-Hollywood-premises crime artist?

JWALSHCONFIDENTIAL demands an immediate building-wide LAFD inspection for code violations and the quick removal of all those who are “camping out” inside this historic landmark bldg.!

Let’s face facts: The owners of The Hollywood Pacific Theater property would be a lot better off financially if this historic theater burns to the ground, clearing the site for mega-profit-making massive mixed-use development … as has happened before in Tinseltown’s fiery past!

Please don’t forget that the latest unsolved “Hollywood Historic Arson” occurred only a few months ago at the similarly-abandoned CBS HQ & Columbia Square historic radio and TV Theater on Sunset Blvd.!

Visit the horrifying Hollywood blazing fire photo posted at our jwalshconfidential website!

For years, The Hollywood Ecclesia Church Community held their Sunday worship services there while performing an outstanding job of safeguarding the theater from invaders after the last motion picture had been publicly shown there on its giant screen in 1994!

But the Ecclesia Church recently was unceremoniously given its walking papers, landing on Van Ness Avenue, leaving this historic Treasured Movie Palace daily & nightly exposed to foul play!

The balcony and orchestra are now the sole domain of scores of rats while shelter-resistant human wanderers sleep on the formerly-glamorous lobby’s once plush carpet!







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