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jwalshconfidential Hey: Ms. Reporter Nelson: FINAL VERSION: CHECK OUT JWALSHCONFIDENTIAL revised version of your Los Angeles Times story: “More Californians ditching their cars in favor of bikes, walking –latimes.com


Reporter Nelson tediously tweets here complaining of sitting in traffic for a solid hour and then has the colossal nerve the next day to write a fallacious story dictated by her PC Times Editor that claims traffic jams are a thing of the past due to bikes, walking, transit rail and shit like that!

The hidden message implanted here: Vote for the half-cent increase in County Transportation sales tax on the ballot horizon!



More Californians giving State survey-takers the politically correct same-old/same-old response that they’re “ditching” their damn cars in favor of PC bikes, PC walking and PC rail, according to a stacked diary survey of 42 thousand mostly white upper-middle-class households that desperately wanted to appear to Do the Right  Thing! This suspect survey also reports 92% of its respondents owned cars. (On the other hand, 90% of all MTA Riders (Bus&Rail) are minorities!)

Contradicting Cal Trans cooked findings, The 2010 US Census reports that public transit ridership rate here in LA County has fallen in the past 25 years!

The rate of Californians walking, biking or taking public transit on a typical day doubled to 22% over a 10-year span starting in 2001, according to this new highly suspicious study released by state transportation officials who relied on the least reliable form of survey: the daily diary … in a naked attempt to sway public opinion aided by this LA Times one-sided story you’re reading now by yours truly, Menorah Nelson, in favor of yet another LA Election Day vote to increase the County Transportation sales tax after the last one unexpectedly failed to pass!

This super-shaky study also allegedly found that the rate of Californians driving on any given day fell by about 12 percentage points over the same period … although only a blind moron would logically conclude from this phony finding  statistic that traffic here  has consequently dipped by 12 %!

From 2010 to 2012, unreliable, unethical, hyper-slick, over-paid, money-hungry private contractor researchers knew what statistical conclusions their  Cal-Trans boss was looking for if this particular independent researcher who’s responsible for this silly report ever again wanted to work for Cal Trans!

Most members of the general public who were invited (out of the blue) to take part declined because they were unwilling to devote such a huge portion of their valuable free time to take part in this un-paid dumb-ass diary study!

About 110,000 people in more than 42,000 households allegedly started to record the duration and distance of every single trip they took during a single, randomly(?) selected day, including running errands, going out to eat and commuting to work or school or traveling late-night at the mercy of scant MTA bus service!

Alas, most of these survey-takers ran out of gas before the daunting task was completed, forcing them to embroider some details by inventing lots of PC bike, walking and rail trips to fill those blank diary pages, which further invalidates these already “skewed statistical” conclusions that are obviously designed to mislead the public into voting for yet another upcoming half-cent County sales tax increase that’s bound to waste additional billions; primarily on more lightly-travelled rail and more highway boondoggle projects in order to fully accommodate the wave of explosive, horrendous monster  hi-rises already starting to-be-built near subway stations.

LA hi-rise over-development creates super heat columns damaging the upper atmosphere, winding up killing globally-warmed-over innocent polar bears thousands of miles distant in the rapidly defrosting Arctic!!!

The National Policy of ENDLESS GROWTH marches on, trampling anything it its path! Visit ENDLESS GROWTH website, why doncha?

What is happening in California merely mirrors a practically imperceptible nationwide decline in auto driving that is totally driven by the ongoing recession which is hanging on much longer here in the Golden State!

Self-styled big-shot experts say: The number of car miles driven annually peaked about a decade ago, and the percentage of people in their teens, 20s and 30s who are now without driver’s licenses (although they’d love to get a good job that might afford them a car so they could move the f*ck out of the prison that mom & dad’s house tends to turn into!) continues to grow ; primarily because of the widening rich-poor income gap (worse in LA than practically anywhere else in America!) that was  first fueled by the Bush White House policies and is now fueled by the indistinguishable-from-the-past-Republican-Presidential Administrations: Dem Obama White House!

This half-assed survey in question doesn’t stand a chance in holy hell of being paid attention to regarding accuracy because a pathetically scant 8% of all residents who participated in this “pissant polling” did not even own a car. Statewide, households show families owning an average of 1.8 vehicles; unchanged for decades!

Incidentally, can any unwarrantedly-high salaried transportation expert explain why only 10 per cent of LAMTA riders are white-skinned? (The lowest percentage of non- minority transit riders for a public transportation system anywhere in the Nation!)

Quite to the contrary of what one would expect in a legitimate poll, a gigantic majority of these rigged-poll respondents are well-heeled members of the white race; despite an exceedingly majority-minority Los Angeles population!

Maybe the short answer is “Transit Racism”? Whereby the white majority MTA Board members vote to spend overwhelmingly more of the discretionary sales tax funds on expensive contract-laden rail expansion–their puppet strings pulled by Mega-real estate interests with potentially enormously valuable property nearby proposed Rail stations– rather than spending these MTA discretionary funds on ,for example, fare maintenance and bus maintenance facilities to prevent such bldgs. from inexplicably collapsing as occurred 3/28/14)!

Although the inconsequential decrease in driving motivated by the worst recession since The Great Recession is largely discounted by CalTrans and LAMTA while the concurrent microscopic uptick in other forms of transportation such by foot and by bike is blown way out of proportion, it seems hardly plausible in the face of unrestrained population growth, what this canned study is suggesting: i.e. an overall drop in the number of auto trips so great as to be a cause for genuine concern, according to laughable Brian Taylor, the undeservedly well-thought of director of the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies.

“It’s not better for society if we reduce auto travel by having people who are stuck home and can’t afford to get out,” Taylor drones on and on, betraying himself as an auto-idolater who knows who financially supports the majestic think-tanks that he and like-minded others do their absurd, highly over-paid “thinking” for!

Taylor sez that transportation planners (crypto-racists!) aim to shift people–chiefly low-income minorities — from cars to other modes of much slower transit while encouraging the spiraling increase in total number of trips. Typically, more trips means more people are working and have money to spend on errands and entertainment and need a goddam car if they really want “to get around” and not be forced to rely on increasingly-inconvenient public bus & rail!

The Knee-jerk Caucasian liberals’ are begging for the soon-as-possible opportunity to vote for the next half-cent sales tax increase that helps these limp-dick white Libs to avoid feeling guilty by pretending to invest themselves in a non-existent Future Rail Urban Paradise … all the while these white liberals (mostly males) are sneakily using their own damn cars all the damn time to get around traffic-clogged LA except for the occasional PC rail trip on opening day of the next woefully under-used leg of the LA pedestrian-killer rail system! AMEN!


LAPD mourns the loss of one of its own at downtown funeral procession that everybody took a car to get to

Manson family killer Bruce Davis gets parole grant; needs car but may walk

FBI auto-ramps up Hawaii search for suspected terrorist in Calif. bombings


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