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Accused-of-sex-harassment LA Councilman Huizar asks city to hold off on permits for Gangsta Rapper Jay Z Labor Day 48-Hr. Monster Non-Stop Drugs-fueled Festival sponsored by Budweiser Beer as well as backed byCrips & Bloods JayZ Fans whose Number One target is Downtown Drug-Dealing Latino Gangs!

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Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar, longtime 18th St. Gang spokesman, wants the city to hold off on issuing the necessary permits for a huge gangsta rap music festival hosted by New Yorker Gangsta Rapper, Jay Z, saying the corrupt Latino politicians he represents need a little more info about the Labor Day weekend monster marathon event before signing off … Plus a piece of the goddam action before being shamelessly bought off by BIG ALCOHOL!

The Budweiser Made in America Festival, which advertises itself as being “curated and infected by Jay Z,” will operate over the non-stop Labor Day Weekend at LA Grand Park and require paralyzing downtown sidewalk and street closures, some lasting up to 10 days, leading to insane local traffic conditions, according to a council motion submitted by Huizar himself!

Mr. Jose wrote that people in his district and community groups had not been informed about “the specific shit/details of this event,” which he said could draw 50,000 people minimum to defenseless Downtown!

“The city and I cannot support an event where there has been no community outreach to engage Latino residents and gain the necessary feedback about paying all of us off,” his motion states. “This is particularly important in Downtown where exponential growth in population density has led to a mounting concern over street closures that impede access and cause routine horrific traffic congestion that would lead to inevitable racial violence/bloodshed during this devoutly-to-be-hoped-for event!

Live Nation, with a stained record of its own when holding such huge events elsewhere, stands to make millions of bucks by producing the festival, but could not be immediately reached for meaningless comment Wednesday morning!

All the City’s dirty dealmakers involved fully expect the LAPD as usual to roll over on their bulging blue stomachs, spread their cheeks for the Gangstas and foot the entire multi-million dollar bill for event security and the nasty damage repair in the wake of the “for sure” ensuing chaotic Downtown madness!

Huizar wrote, the city should hold off on issuing any permits for the event for now until Boss Huizar personally starts getting a piece of the action funneled into his billfold!

“This is about opposing special events and, in particular, this African – American fronted concert where the Black politicians are already being paid off for not opposing JAY-Z while the poor Hispanic politicians like me haven’t even begun to be paid off for our scum-sucking silence!

“It’s about making sure the infected community, in this case Downtown stakeholders and their odd allies, especially my “companeros” from the murderous Latino drug gangs, get to call all the shots,” Huizar said in an obsequious statement emailed to Reporter Senora Reyes (who perhaps is Hispanic only by insertion!) of the Los Angeles Times late Tuesday.

Mayor Eric Garcetti’s spokesman, wimpy Yusef Robb, said Hizzoner Eric is in closed-slammed-door negotiations to bring the festival to Grand Park — the site of a major New Year’s Eve celebration last year that ended way too early before Midnight, when LAPD nelatedly raided the park closing the gates to even more marauders … averting by an eyelash Grand Park turning into a major scene of chaos!

Such a 48-hour concert, Robb thought but did not say would be a blood-drenching tragedy for our economy & underscore Downtown’s rapid downfall into bedlam!

(Remember that Mayor Tom Bradley’s own two-day music fest: “Street Scene” ended similarly in rival gang open warfare/chaos years ago. But Downtown crime street conditions have changed since then drastically … from bad to even terribly worse!)

Garcetti mouthpiece Robb also said the mayor’s office has communicated in secret with Huizar staffers about the effort to accommodate the greedy festival promoters: “I know that members of his staff need to be paid off handsomely by the producers and that’s no problem. So members of our Mayoral staff shall remain in constant collusion with Huizar’s staff!” he bullshitted!

Lucas Rivera, director of LA County-owned Grand Park, said LA city officials have reached out with their tentacles under the table to demand that Grand Park be rented out for the Made in America concert/riot-creator for a ridiculously low price!

Rivera said he wasn’t so “super excited” about the prospects for bringing such an event to Downtown since the rental income wouldn’t even begin to pay for the goddam party shit after the huge crowd damage bill was paid off in full!

Therefore LA County has asked for $2 million in City funds to be held in escrow by the County to pay for the inevitable major destruction of Grand Park caused by the site’s naked exposure to dozens of clashing fully-armed Black & Latino gangs of drugged-out vandals expected to show up for the coming Summer’s end Labor Day Free-For-All in the grass-covered stretch of land between City Hall and LA County Hall of Administration now known as Grand Park!

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