No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

LA Mayor Garcetti humbly auditions in front of Bill for Veep slot on Hillary 2016 ticket. Garcetti is everything the Clintons want in a candidate to run by her side: He’s Jewish! He’s Mexican! He’s pretty! He’s Bi-Sexual! He’s a multi-millionaire willing to heavily chip in!


The Clinton’s Politically-Correct Global Initiative Foundation is refusing to foot the bill for the PR fun and games one ring circus performed at Los Angeles City Hall on Thurs. April 3, 2014.

Instead, fledgling LA Mayor Eric Garcetti has ordered LA City taxpayers to pay the $200 thousand price tag attached to the elaborate staging of this obvious Democratic Party Gang-Bang Extravaganza! Not one damn Republican to be found among the SRO gushing audience!

Mayor Garcetti booted out all 15 LA City Council members from their Council Chambers seats and desks to erect a very expensive temporary stage for the fabulous two-man circle-jerk performed for the news cameras Thursday! Beverly Hills resident Monica Lewinsky didn’t show up so Tricky Ricky eagerly tried to seize this golden metaphorical opportunity to fill in for her on Bill’s presidential person!

Candid Photo here reveals that the ex-President’s waistline is once again expanding. Hillary Clinton Veep 2016 candidate wannabe LA Mayor Eric Garcetti listens raptly, employing the microphone that he has placed between his legs as an attention-getting phallic symbol!







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