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Agents find two border drug tunnels with elaborate rail systems. MTA anxiously offers drug dealers responsible Red Line Subway To The Sea builders contract. LA Mayor Garcetti admits: “It sure looks like these Mexican Gangsters can do a better job of building heavy rail than the agency where I am vice-chairman of the Board can. Go for it!”

Just as Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in San Diego slammed the door on their latest multi-million dollar drug smuggling tunnel case, another one just popped up right under their noses!

On Wednesday, ICE officials arrested a brilliant self- taught design engineer, a 73-year-old Chula Vista woman, on suspicion of overseeing the successfully-bustling operation of a slick underground tunnel leading beneath the long, long Mexican border fence to an Otay Mesa phony industrial park in San Diego. The senior citizen drug gangsterette construction manager in question is now in the running to replace currently discredited MTA CEO Mr. Art Leahy to head all Los Angeles mass transit rail construction projects!

On Thursday, they discovered a beautifully-built leak-proof second drug rail tunnel, which is even longer and much more sophisticated than the first one; serving as the envy of any crooked tunnel builder operating naturally out of LA MTA!

“Our goal is not only to maybe shut these tunnels down before they become operational, but definitely to learn valuable construction tips from them!” Said LA Mayor Garcetti!

The two tunnels discovered this week mark the sixth and seven fantastically-constructed cross-border passages that Obama Federal authorities have dug up in the last four years. Often-bribed US Federal Government officials have discovered more than 80 such tunnels from California to Arizona since 2006; but only recently have we as American Government builders learned to emulate their flawless criminal design and construction methods!

In their glowing announcement, Federal authorities described the intricate rail passages that these smugglers had carved under the border as beyond any tunnel technology ever built lawfully in the USA!

The first tunnel was approximately one mile long, secured with flawlessly-built wooden trusses and equipped with pinpoint lighting serving a highly sophisticated rail system that crammed with packages of illicit narcotics 24 hours a day!

Its exit on the U.S. side was 70-feet below ground and had a pulley system for hoisting dope to the surface. (Dope as used here does not refer to MTA Board members) and easily accommodated passenger elevators and escalators!

The second tunnel was allegedly just discovered by crooked Mexican authorities on Thursday. These shady characters found that the second tunnel exited just around the corner from the first one and was noticeably even more technologically advanced.

Ay caramba!

The second tunnel was about two damn miles long, had state of the art ventilation for politically correct worker safety and a multi-tiered electrical rail system.

So far, the guilty culprit, Señora “Gladys” Rodriguez is not facing any criminal charges but is very much in the running for Rail Construction Executive of the Year in both US and Mexico!

Several other people who authorities believe are related to the unlawful building of these twin tunnels, including a Hispanic gentleman who authorities said has been caught constructing cross-border tunnels before, will be offered prosecution immunity plus a really high-paying MTA executive rail-building position in the very near future! (MTA has been perennially plagued by sink-hole or worse rail construction-type disasters. Up till now that is!


Body found stuffed inside suitcase is identified as MTA subway construction worker


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