No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Bisexual LA Mayor Eric Garcetti set to steamroller thru City Council appointment of his long-time boyfriend and former staffer Mr. Glen Dake to a seat on Metropolitan Water District where he will be paid per meeting! Does a common law marriage exist between the two?

glen-dake 01
News media ought to ask LA Councilman Felipe Fuentes,chair of the committee in charge of vetting would-be MWD appointee Mr. Glen Dake, the LA Mayor’s long-term boyfriend and former Councilmanic aide, whether or not Mayor Garcetti is strong arming newly-elected Councilman Fuentes to approve by knee-jerk action the stunningly handsome  young Mr. Dake’s hasty mayoral appointment through the committee Felipe chairs without ever so much as a meeting between the two, which is indeed called for by City Council protocol!

But it’s all in the family!

Garcetti has already appointed Mr. Dake’s highly un-qualified sister to the City Planning Commission where she was elected to lead the Commission by virtue of Garcetti’s off-stage string pulling!

If landscape architect by profession, Mr. Glen Dake is proved to be Mayor Eric Garcetti’s common-law husband, shouldn’t Mr. Dake be required to file a yearly California Statement of Economic Interests according to law now that same-sex marriage has been legalized here in the Golden State?



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