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Koch Brothers Stealth Candidate Autumn(FrackerLover) Burke’s California Assembly campaign …


Only in LA! Dammit! This increasingly bizarre campaign contains everything but a vampire bite!

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Ex-Congresswoman & LA County Supervisor Yvonne Burke & hubby ex-LA Marathon owner “Money-Bags” Bill Burke decided to sponsor their perennially-failing baby daughter Autumn’s quest to become the Governor of California; starting with buying her an expensive Assembly seat that stretches east-west from the Hood all the way to seaside white Venice!

Even though the right-winger vote here is no more than 25%,because of the new Top-Two State Candidates run-off rules, these high propensity¬† reactionary voters hold the key to victory in an evenly-divided three Democrat women race; inspiring Autumn Burke’s sharp veering to the Hard Right! AUTUMN BURKE 01

That has climaxed in Ms. Burke merrily jumping into the same bed with the Frack-Crazy Koch Brothers. Autumn would even go door-to-door with Rush Limbaugh if she and her parent puppeteers thought that would win her this election!

On Tuesday, simply Vote for Gloria Gray, the only candidate in the 62nd State Assembly District who is a trustworthy progressive in this Community for many decades!




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