No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Vote early & vote often on Tuesday. Use our endorsements here & @Hollywooddems as guide! Californians at ballot box set to give the statewide status quo a good kick in the pants!



Let those of us who are fed up to here and there with the evermore pompous pols, who are turning the Golden State to dross, band together one by one at the statewide polls this week to let the hot air out of a few of the vulnerable platinum candidates that the similarly pompous mainstream media insider/dopesters incessantly tout us on and abruptly terminate the political lives of these electoral stiffs who those media maven/ know-it-alls arrogantly presume to inform us are bound to be the big winners; even before you get a damn chance to vote!


Let’s ship all 350 pounds of JOHN PEREZ 01John A. Perez for Controller back to East LA where he came from! Don’t worry about poor John’s cruel fate because his cousin the powerful ex-Mayor Villaraigosa will be there to break Perez’ steep fall by setting-up “Big Boy” with a nice, cushy office job!

VOTE DEREK CRESSMAN FOR SECRETARY OF STATE. The best that can be said of rival candidate, Alex Padilla, is that he’s a much less obnoxious version of John Perez who, by the way, behind the scenes elbowed poor Alex out of running for Controller!

Please further consult detailed endorsements found at this blog elsewhere!

Additionally, vote for Gloria Gray, 62nd Assembly District over Koch Brothers financially supported candidate Autumn Burke with her agenda to frack South LA & the Westside!



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