No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Our Website exposed right-wing dirty-tricks conspiracy to trash Hillary Clinton’s book signing D.C. event this coming weekend!


From: “Ted H.” <ted@stophillarypac.org>

Date: June 11, 2014
To: John  Walsh <hollywooddems@gmail.com>
Subject: crash Hillary’s book
Reply-To: ted@stophillarypac.org


Anti-Hillary conspirators just invited the wrong man to join in their plot! Instead, I am blowing the whistle! (See Below!)


John ,

I just got word of an EMERGENCY opportunity to crash one of Hillary’s first book signings.

**BUT we have to act fast. CLICK HERE — the next 12 hours are critical to pulling this off.**

You are one of Stop Hillary’s most dedicated supporters — that’s why I’m writing you this urgent email today.

Hillary is going to be inside the D.C. Beltway this weekend signing her book. I know it is too short of notice to ask you to join us, but we have a way of getting you there electronically…

Here’s how it works: You sign the petition and we’ll add your name to a super-cut of our TV ad “So Help Us” as a special sponsor and petitioner of Stop Hillary PAC.


Your name will appear — along with thousands others — on a jumbo screen welcoming Hillary to her book signing. Hillary and every attendee will see your name as they enter the event!

2016 will be too late to stop Hillary. We have to start now!

AND John , to do that, we must remind the American people of what Hillary Clinton’s done and more importantly how she is unfit to lead:

– Benghazi

– Whitewater

– Travelgate

– “dead broke” but still ready to lead the land?


You and I both know — America cannot survive another term of Obama-era radical liberalist policies implemented by a Bill and Hillary Clinton team back in the White House.

In 2016, it will be too late to stop Hillary. You have to act now.

We’ve got to hold her accountable right now. Stop Hillary PAC was created for one reason only — to save America from the destructive far-left, liberal cancer created by Bill and Hillary Clinton that’s trying to corrupt America.

We have a unique opportunity on Saturday to show Hillary and her lefty gaggle of allies the strength and support we have against her.

BUT we can only have that strength if we have your support today.

Follow this link to add your name to our list and after you add your name, PLEASE make a donation of $10 or more so we can offer this opportunity to every American.

I need to hear back from you right away,

Senator Ted Harvey

P.S. As we flesh out the details, we’ll keep you posted. But in the meantime add your name to the list, forward this to all your anti-Hillary friends, and chip in at least $5 to help us turn this event into a Stop Hillary rally. Thanks – Ted


Paid for by Stop Hillary PAC
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
Contributions from foreign nationals or entities are prohibited.
Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.


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