No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

JWALSHCONFIDENTIAL calls for US Attorney Andre Birotte as well as California Attorney General Kamala Harris criminal investigation into LAPD Officer Frank Lyga’s taped (already LAPD authenticated) confession @ Police Academy class of cold-blooded murder of fellow LAPD officer Kevin Gaines! Cop Killer Frank Lyga almost got away with murder! Mayor Garcetti silent because he obviously doesn’t consider the murder of an LAPD Black Police Officer a BFD –“Big Fuckin’ Deal”!


So far the only new rule that Chief Beck has ordered in the wake of “Cop Killer Lyga-Gate” is LAPD Academy recruits henceforth are strictly forbidden to carry hidden listening devices on their person while being lectured to at LAPD training classes!

Visit @Hollywooddems for the whole vile story in gruesome detail!


Chief Charlie Beck could be federally indicted for obstruction of justice due to his flouting of a timely LAPD officer complaint that was duly filed and promptly buried regarding Officer Frank Lyga’s taped braggingly-obscene confession of the Officer Kevin Gaines murder … in front of Police Academy class this past November!

The incriminating tape was first posted as an audio file by former LAPD Officer and whistleblower supreme Kevin Bentley!

LA Times Publisher did the “best” he could to kill this story before it could spread and harm the LAPD’s and the City of Los Angeles’ world-wide reputation!

But when the Times found out that TV News was about to break Lyga-Gate due to a great deal of on-line pressure from the LA Progressive and investigative reporter Jasmyne Cannick, craven Times Editor-in-Chief Mr. Davan Maharaj ordered then LAPD Officer Frank Lyga hidden tape story to appear on-line right away in order to make it falsely appear that his newspaper had succeeded in beating TV news operations to the punch!


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