No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Hollywoodhighlands.org asks Governor Brown to immediately congratulate second-place Controller finisher Betty Yee and request that Assembly member John Perez drop any plans that he may have for demanding a vote recount!

YEE 02

Dear Governor Brown:

A divisive recount (lasting God-knows-how long) would most assuredly turn off many solid Jerry Brown voters, causing them to stay at home on Election Day this November … much to your ultimate embarrassment!

Go ahead and twist the arm of Assemblyman Perez if you have to; but get John to do the right thing and concede right now to Betty Yee!

If you chose the path of inaction, Jerry, you may end up damaging the Democratic Party in this State!

Please take a look below at the picture of you and Ms. Betty Yee that was taken shortly after she was sworn in as Equalization Board member!

Let us forget that you didn’t endorse her this time around, shall we?

All Democrats including former Assembly Speaker John Perez should fondly look forward to Ms. Yee’s swearing-in ceremony as our next California State Controller!

Please let’s promptly put this fractious Primary Election season behind us and unite this very moment behind Betty Yee For State Controller!

As our Governor, wouldn’t you agree?

The next move is up you!





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