No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Rebel website prods enuff reluctant Angeleno voters to fill out absentee ballots or trudge to the pills to defeat poor Boy Perez and practically unknown here in Southland Betty Yee a microscopic 584 vote victory for State Controller!

hollywood john 01

In retaliation for Assembly Speaker John Perez’ threats to sue Hollywood Highlands Democratic Club, as mentioned at the time in the LA Times, we solemnly declared jihad against his State Controller bid and celebrate our success this evening upon burying him in defeat, despite the millions that he squandered in a hopeless pursuit of an ever-elusive statewide electoral victory!

Every time ex-Speaker of the California State Assembly John Perez lies to his fellow Californians, he gains one pound!

This turned into a personal battle between the two of us as evidenced by the Los Angeles Times front page photo of Mr. JWALSHCONFIDENTIAL himself standing at  the public speaker’s lectern pointing an accusatory fickle finger of fate at seated “Man Mountain “Perez during an LA City Council meeting a while ago!

YEE 01



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