No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

See Supe Zev obviously threatening JWalsh with arrest @ Tuesday 7/15 meeting for catching him bargaining a Shriver endorsement with Bobby himself! No back room deal going on here! The two are hatching this corrupt deal during the open meeting in front of seemingly blind MSM reporters including LA Times!

ZEV 01

How much is a wholehearted Zev endorsement to succeed him in LA County elective office worth to multi-millionaire Bobby Shriver, caught in this candid photo below with that patented feces-eating grin plastered across his super-rich guy face?

Back room dirty political deals like the one being casually negotiated right here, literally under the public’s nose, are supposed to be made in the back room … not arrogantly out in the open for the ever-pliant L.A. Press Corps to pretend not to see!

But these two politically-correct-when-politically-convenient sleazy pols ,Zev & Bobby, have nothing to fear from the mainstream news media–male or female – who treat them both roughly the same way that Ms. Monica Lewinsky (a Yaroslavsky constituent from Beverly Hills, by the way) handled Prez Bill Clinton down there way back when!

This photo in question clearly shows that these two were conspiring on the public side of the wooden barrier that separates the County Supervisors from We, The (Supervised) People!

JWalsh had a right like anyone else attending this weekly Tuesday Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meeting (7/15) to take iPad photos of these outrageously corrupt goings-on! Thus provoking  Zev’s ire!

If Yaroslavsky wasn’t discussing something with Bobby Shriver that both ought to be ashamed of, why then did Zev react so angrily and Shriver react so embarrassingly as this photo of mine so clearly exposes!

That’s why I then challenged Zev on the spot where I took the snapshots to make good his verbal threat to have me arrested by LASD! Zev backed down … of course!

Later in that same Board of Supes meeting (available to the public as always in its entirety on LA County digital Internet video and in Internet transcript form) I related these controversial happenings during the meeting’s General Public Comment Period on non-agenda items!

Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky then violated the law commonly referred to as the Brown Act when he abruptly stopped JWalsh from speaking at the  public microphone after appx. 20 seconds to call me “a liar” ; and further say falsely that he never threatened me, claiming that he merely asked me not to photograph him, which is quite absurd on the face of it!

Look below at the angry expression on Zev’s face in one of the photos in question! See the accusatory finger pointing directly at yours truly: the photo-taker! But a threat such as that one is doomed to failure when directed at someone like me!

LA Times editors and reporters are  protecting Zev from probing questions related to this revealing incident! For example:

“The  Supervisor Candidate running to succeed you, Mr. Bobby Shriver, waited appx.3 hours while sitting in the public section of the Hall before he got a chance to humbly make his pitch to you face-to-face for your coveted endorsement! What exactly did he offer you in exchange? A high-paying position come this December when you are finally termed out? Or something else?

(More to come!)

& @Hollywooddems


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