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ATTENTION: KCRW General Manager Ms. Jennifer Ferro

KCRW has a DRONE 01

Who at KCRW is in charge of deciding who under your supervision actually gets to play around with this extremely expensive (zooming & soaring) sky-toy that you have purchased at a hefty price … primarily for those un-named chosen few at KCRW to have fun with and perhaps to do some personal snooping with?

Are there any other public radio station executives in America with a drone of their own?

Please inform your KCRW audience, Station Manager Ms. Ferro, how much listener-sponsored pledge-driven hard cold cash contributions you have frittered away to purchase your own personal Phantom 2 RTF play thing/potential privacy-invader?

The issues of major waste and mismanagement, of course, are never addressed during your marathon KCRW pledge drives, are they?

Does Head KCRW journalist-in-charge,Mr. Warren Olney and Gang,get snooping priority with this spanking new drone of yours, Ms. Ferro?

Are rumors true that your KCRW drone has already been used as a back-yard/roof top high-in-the-sky peeping tom?

KCRW is primarily an alternative music station with a paucity of on-the-air local news gathering! Therefore your station does not need a potential privacy-invading drone for such slight KCRW news-gathering … even if those who currently call the shots at KCRW could be trusted with one!

FAA is currently struggling with creating new rules and regulations that would strictly govern drone-flying nation-wide!

How can a National Public Radio station such as KCRW report the news impartially on prospective federal rules and regulations emanating from D.C. that may rightly restrict the current usage of your own pet drone, which you have so obviously and hopelessly fallen in love with … in an amazingly short space of time?

Ms. Ferro, what inspired your oh-so silly decision to hold a pathetically ridiculous KCRW drone-naming contest and invite your unsuspecting listeners to participate via the Web? How cute!

My drone-naming suggestion is “Georgie Orwell Jr.”!

Our website shall forward this blog post to FCC in Washington DC as a formal complaint and ask for a public hearing on this matter, which by Federal law FCC is obligated to hold!







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