No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Has Suge Knight Hollywood Club shooting triggered resumption of all-out L.A. gang warfare between the armed-to-the teeth Crips and the Bloods! Bullets miss club-goer Justin Bieber by inches!


Did CRIPS gunmen shoot down BLOODS-allied Suge Knight six times inside the Bloods favorite Hollywood Club because their main homicidal target Chris Brown was too well surrounded/ protected by his many Bloods bodyguards!

How could these would-be assassins escape so easily? Suspicions are inevitably provoked!

If the Crips-Bloods current long-standing truce has now gone up in flames, the battleground for the upcoming horrific Gang War is centered, as always, in Hollywood, where enormous amounts of street narcotics are openly sold for a huge profit night and day at a proliferation of Hollywood and environs nightclubs under the “un-suspecting” noses of blind local law enforcement!

Meanwhile L.A. County Sheriffs & LAPD cops are joined by L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti & his pathetic City Council puppets as well as L.A. County Board of Supervisors (some of whom may be on the take here?) who are all impotently standing by not doing a damn thing about this growing scandal!

Visit @Hollywooddems daily for the latest Crips-Bloods Gang War news briefing which sure as hell you won’t discover in the news reports of the mainstream media!


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