No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Mayor Garcetti & City Attorney Feuer hastily stuff $75,000 down the front of Ms. Melody Jaramillo’s dress to silence her charges of verbal sexual harassment by potty-mouthed City Councilman Mitch Englander who fears angry reaction from his devoted wife and 2 children pictured here!


Harvey Englander’s nephew should resign from LA City Council! (DITCH MITCH ALREADY!)

Pistol hot Mitch Englander must have had a raging hard-on at the time our Number One horn-dog Councilperson  (not counting Jose Huizar) told his aide Ms. Melody Jaramillo that he believed she really wanted to go naked at a local firehouse when she asked for an assignment change!

No jury will ultimately decide who is telling the truth here because Los Angeles City hush money is being paid out to former Council Deputy Ms. Melody, who must be severely cash-strapped to agree to such a damn dirty deal!

Read the LA Times article for lots of the sick, sick, sick details!

Will Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch Englander’s immediate family turn out to be so naive as to swallow mini-predator Mitch’s lame excuse for heavy verbal sexual harassment story whole! Shall we ask his wife and two children for their reaction to Mitch’s whopper of a lie?









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