No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Made In America 2-day rap Fest on L.A. City Hall Steps turns into big financial flop for Promoters Live Nation & Budweiser! Jay-Z & LA Mayor Garcetti made an original prediction of Sat & Sun total attendance of 100thousand. Actual attendance missed the mark by appx. 30,000 despite lots of last minute severely discounted tickets dumped on the Internet! If Live Nation disputes the Box Office misfortune here, please allow the Press to look at yr. Financial records!

2014_Garcetti and JayZ 01

Rap Concert was hot as hell! Everywhere but at the ticket booth!

This Live Nation much-ballyhooed Event fell more than $3 million in ticket sales short of the promoters’ original boastful, un-realistic attendance predictions!

The 35,000 Sunday Crowd was about the same size as the Saturday turnout, demonstrating no word-of-mouth day-to-day increase as hopefully expected!

Live Nation break-even Is nowhere to be found on the horizon as the many post-event unpaid bills continue to stack up on their cyber-desk!

This marathon Rap Fest was ,however, quite a  costly-to-LA-Taxpayers P.R. success  for the never-camera-shy Mayor Eric Garcetti ,who continuously found his way on-stage and backstage making a pest of himself in constant search of  a lens to pose for on this anti-climactic Day 2!

Live Nation refuses to open its books so we can see for ourselves how much the Live Nation promoter stands to lose before the books are finally closed!







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