No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

LA’s Grand Park turned into Grand Desert by Labor Day Weekend Jay-Z Rap Concert crowd! Event sponsored by Belgian-owned Budweiser! Local taxpayers get stuck paying huge bill for damages and sky-high security cost. City Council members get thousands of $$$ in illegal free tix!

LA Grand Park 02

Gangsta Rap Fest devastating aftermath damage photos like this one above are regrettably missing from the mainstream media “selective”and strictly positive photo coverage! (“Where have all the flowers gone … longtime passing!”)

Live Nation’s Made In America Music Fest ended up financially deep in the red because of disappointing ticket sales that prompted the last minute desperation move of selling two-for-one discount tix on Sunday to build up the crowd and avoid the embarrassment of obviously spotty attendance!

The steep cost of re-greening Grand Park after it got trampled to death on Labor Day Weekend Saturday & Sunday by tens of thousands of drugged-out festival-goers will far exceed the Promoter Live Nation’s paltry, agreed-to monetary contribution that was supposed to fully cover park damages!

The astronomical multi-million dollar cost of LASD/LAPD overtime is also yet to be announced!

Dozens were arrested and lots of kids at this Monsta Gangsta Rap Concert got their very first inhale of marijuana under the approving glassy-eyed gaze of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti who also just loves to “party”!

Especially when Tricky Ricky and Humble Herb were among the  privileged pols who ,as reported in an Los Angeles Times exposé, received thousands of bucks worth of free concert tix …… plus all the free Bud Beer they could drink?

(Photo taken Tuesday, September 2nd 2014!)


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