No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

“BANG, BANG, SHE SHOT ME DOWN!” Bell Gardens curse strikes! Ask ex-Cardinal Mahoney to perform a municipal exorcism on the whole damned city! Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo bites the dust!

Mayor Daniel Crespo

A grisly political family murder scene like this one …. Only in L.A.!


The anti-gun lobby won’t use this sensational killing as a prime example why we need tougher gun laws in California because they might be accused of being anti-Hispanic racists if they did!

However, take a really good look at the blissful wedding picture here. Mayor Crespo’s darling wife looks an awful lot like a white lady!

No false sympathy pouring from yours truly here! My heart hardly bleeds for the Crespo family survivors. The Good Book sez: “As ye sow, so shall ye reap!”

Luckily no innocent bystanders in the vicinity got shot by flying bullets that missed her target!

I reserve all my spare sympathy to bestow on people such as hit and run victims!

Where did the good Mayor’s wife shoot him?

Living room, kitchen, bathroom? Between the eyes or maybe in the chest?

I’ll say this for the fresh new widow Crespo! She sure has great aim! From practicing on a nearby gun range?

Wife of Bell Gardens Mayor Crespo  has been thrown in the slammer and accused of thinning the corrupt politicians herd!

Getting murdered by his one and only doesn’t set a good example for the gangsters that  now -deceased Mayor Crespo was trying to reform as an overly-paid LA County social worker!

This politician’s murder should serve as a wake-up call to adulterous LA City Council members to keep pistols out of the hands of their own jilted wives!


Mayor Daniel Crespo 02


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