No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Dead, frozen dogs inside Mayor Garcetti’s animal shelters – will Controller Ron Galperin please audit the gruesome shelter’s DECEPTIVE practices that Boss Brenda Barnett is guilty of!

LA Animal Services Dead Dogs Frozen on Floor

Dead, frozen dogs kept inside of Mayor Garcetti’s hidden animal shelter crypt!

Will City Controller Ron Galperin kindly do the job that he is highly-paid to do by auditing the gruesome shelter’s DECEPTIVE practices?

Thanks for info, Mr. Daniel Guss!

Here are the latest “euthanasia” victims killed/destroyed at LA Animal (dis)Services, splayed on the ground inside one of the shelter freezers.

We are waiting for City Controller Ron Galperin to audit all of Brenda Barnette’s deceptive practices, including the millions of dollars she fails to collect in animal licensing revenue, and her false claim that 8,807 dogs were “adopted” when in fact they were sitting in cages at a city-owned shelter. Where is the public outreach?

This horrible photo above bears witness to the canine holocaust occurring constantly out of public view: Is Mayor Garcetti more worried about having to admit there’s a problem, rather than confronting it?


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