No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

“Whip Sandra Fluke’s slutty ass!” Is that what fabulously wealthy Republican Bill Bloomfield is really saying when he donates a million bucks to the campaign of her opponent, a right-wing friendly anti-feminist Democrat, drowning in Republican dough!


Take a good look at this sick example of the kind of dirty-trick advertising banded-together Hyper-Conservative Dems & Repubs are attacking Sandra Fluke with!

Go ahead and vote for her opponent Ben Allen on Election Day if you agree that Sandra Fluke is a “baby murderer” the way it says right here!



Read Jim Newton’s LA Times excellent op-ed piece excerpted here and then volunteer for the final week of Progressive Sandra Fluke’s come-from-behind struggle to get elected as a California State Senator!

Super-wealthy GOP Leader Bloomfield, who unsuccessfully tried to knock off Congressman Henry Waxman two years ago, has just stuffed a million dollars in campaign donations up the conservative butt of Mr. Ben Allen who is Fluke’s wimpy Dem challenger in this Top Two Run-Off!


D Xcellent op



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