No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Caught on viral video: Attempt to kill a neighbor’s cat by Los Angeles City Worker! Assailant pictured here goes un-punished because of intervention by cat-hater LA City Council President Herb Wesson! Check out photo where Wesson kicks Buddhist Monk between the legs at City Council Chamber! Same way he treats cats?

LADWP_Cat 01

Pets on the streets of Los Angeles get treated even worse than homeless humans do as egocentric Mayor Eric Garcetti, currently on a big junket to China, remains supremely unconcerned about the devastating Los Angeles animal cruelty currently occurring on his watch while Hizzoner continues his all-consuming below-the-mainstream-media-radar campaign to convince Bill and Hillary Clinton to favor him as her 2016 Presidential running mate!

Mayor Garcetti henchman, City Council President Herb Wesson, a dog lover/cat hater, has made sure behind-the-scenes that the DWP employee who nearly killed the kitty by throwing her more than 15 feet to the sidewalk will never face a City or LAPD animal cruelty investigation!

(Conditions at the LA City Pound under Big Boss Brenda Barnette are often shocking! Google Daniel Guss @ The Stand Foundation for the disturbing details and upsetting photos!)

View this attempted pet killing caught by video on You Tube and then see if you agree with this website that the DWP assailant exposed here must face serious discipline charges!




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