No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Racist overkill! LA Mayor Eric Garcetti orders his LAPD to arrest 183 peaceful protestors, roughly 4 times as many as arrested in Ferguson! Resurgent OCCUPY LA sets new Guinness Book of World Records for most consecutive days shutting down a major urban highway: Three! Hapless LAPD officers made to look like silly Hollywood Keystone Cops for third day in a row over anger unleashed by Ferguson, Missouri Prosecutor’s failure to indict! Prez Obama turns blind eye to this mess! No riots anywhere in LA despite 183 hauled off to jail!



While most of LA was sleeping, I83 anti-racist peaceful Occupy LA marchers (Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and even White) were roughly hauled off to the largest County Jail in America in dead of night from in front of LAPD Headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles! Because of one broken window over a 2 day period of non-stop, non-violent protests! Even LAPD had to admit that not one of those it collared resisted arrest!

See graphic below featuring the use of “politically-correct” plastic handcuffs!

City is slipping out of control after dark … fundamentally caused by Missouri Criminal Justice system’s abject failure to indict the cop who killed unarmed African American teenager, Michael Brown! ONLY IN LA! DAMMIT!

Usually big-mouthed Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who continues desperately seeking Bill and Hillary Clinton’s blessing for the Vice-Presidential nod on her 2016 ticket, keeps his trap shut in front of the news media here concerning LAPD Chief Charlie’s racist-inspired mass arrests that were actually ordered in a phone call to Beck by Hizzoner himself late Tuesday that was covered up by the LA Times!



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