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Landmark 100-Yr-Old Bartlett House Gets Temporary Reprieve by LADWP from LA Mayor Garcetti’s demolition order on Thursday!


Hollywood Historical Architecture Activists vow to save Bartlett House by blocking demolition attempt on Friday (12/19)!




John Schwada says:


“Developer Elan Mordoch’s plan to demo the landmark Oswald Bartlett House in Los Feliz was held up today (Thursday) by a comedy of errors. The reprieve could be explained by the bad karma of proposing to raze a noted piece of LA’s cultural history during the season when Christians and Jews alike are meant to celebrate- not destroy – their traditions and history. Notably, the Bartlett House this year is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

“Despite today’s setbacks Mordoch is expected to defy the karmic forces arrayed against his venture and try again Friday to demo the Bartlett.

“Today Mordoch’s demo crew found themselves baffled and bewildered trying to sever the water main connections to the house; apparently they needed to cut the water so the demo did not unleash a flood on the property and on neighbors. Acetylene torches didn’t work, nor did a lot of digging, head-scratching and cursing.

“Finally an activist supporter of the Bartlett called DWP to tell them about the demo crew’s clownish antics. Guess what? A DWP team arrived and demanded to see if Mordoch and company had the authority to disconnect the water pipes. Whoops! They did not. Apparently the Bartlett House water account is still in the name of the previous owner. Until they get that straightened out, the Mordoch team is stymied. At least for the time being.

“So no demo work occurred today. Team Mordoch did drive a giant trench-digging machine onto the property. It is designed to essentially claw and mash the house into a millions bits and pieces. This equipment is almost as big as the house. It looks like over-kill.

“But expect Team Mordoch to be returning early Friday morning, probably around 7 am, fully-armed with the appropriate paperwork and ready to carry out the demolition of a house designed by A.C. Martin, a near-legendary LA architect during the first half of the 20th century

“Activist supporters of the house hope to get up a crowd Friday to pay their respects to the house and bear witness to its undeserved and sad destruction. Come join us in mourning and protesting this miserable affair. The house is located at 1820 N. Kenmore, just south of Franklin Avenue.


John Schwada – MediaFix Associates




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