No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

It will take a lot more than a Monica Lewinsky-type Sac Bee journo job on Ex-Mayor Antonio’s chances at a gubernatorial run to get California Movers & Shakers to pour millions of $$$ into such a hopeless ego trip for Hizzoner! Jerry Brown hasn’t started his 4th term & Sac Bee is practically crowning Villaraigosa as next Governor!


This is the time of year veteran reporters call “The Silly Season”! That occurs at the end of the year when nothing much news-worthy is happening; so dumb news articles get written by reporters desperate to fill the empty space around the big holiday newspaper ads … this one by Dan Siders appearing as a reprint below!

My mother has about as much chance of getting elected the next Governor of California as does Antonio Villaraigosa! And my mother passed away quite a few years ago!

Antonio’s “time out” was not self-imposed and is destined to last forever! (Antonio is as un-electable and as stale as yesterday’s mashed potatoes!) By the way, your next Governor and your next U.S. Senator are Newsom & Harris! In what order? Fate shall decree!

Antonio has ditched that cramped NYC apartment of his because he could no longer afford to pay the steep $18,000 yearly rent now that his paid lecture and lobbyist work back there in the Big Apple has dried up & blown away!

The national news media does not treat Antonio as a spokesman for Hispanic Americans when looking for a quote as he hoped would be the case when leaving office!
Antonio Villaraigosa has been supplanted by the much younger Castro Brothers who embody the future of Latino Politicos!

Outside of East LA and Downtown, Antonio V. is almost as “invisible” here in his native Golden State as he was in far-off NYC … except for a handful of veteran California news hounds, like Mr. David Siders, who simply can’t resist writing silly stories about a fabled, future political comeback for still handsome Tony that can’t ever come to pass in this real world!

In fact, no LA Mayor has ever staged a successful comeback effort! Witness Sam Yorty, Tom Bradley and Richard Riordan, who all came up empty-handed once departing City Hall!

Meanwhile, Antonio picks up a few bucks here and there to help support his unemployed children and grandchildren with workaday gigs like lecturing a bunch of USC students who vaguely remember him from their middle-school days! And lobbying anyone anywhere indiscriminately for the powerful Edelman Firm!

Even his adoring first cousin, former State Assembly Speaker John Perez, got upset & took an ass-whipping by a then-nobody, Ms. Betty Yee, when running 2014 Statewide despite Antonio’s ardent but ultimately worthless endorsement!

The Smart Lobbyists with their Big Money Donations, keenly remembering how they got stung by the worthless Perez Campaign, won’t invest a dime in Villaraigosa’s electoral future! No matter how many silly puff pieces the Sac Bee and other “news sources” grind out between now and far-off 2018, trying quite unsuccessfully to portray the Ex-LA Mayor as a winnable candidate in the already-begun race for next Governor!


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