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Crony Capitalism and Judicial Corruption – Los Angeles Style

CORRUPTION and JUSTICES 02Crony Capitalism and Judicial Corruption – Los Angeles Style

by Scott Zwartz


January 14, 2015

America is awash with crony capitalism. We see it with substandard HumV’s for the soldiers in Iraq. We see it with $1.25 for one hospital Tyenol tablet. We see it with Wall Street crooks who devise fraudulent scams which crash the economy while making personal fortunes into the billions of dollars for the executives behind the frauds. We see it in fools like Alan Greenspan who said we did not need regulations as Wall Street would never do anything foolish.

Closer to home, we see a State which teetered on the brink of bankruptcy until the new Gov. Jerry Brown got the corrupt Community Redevelopment Agency abolished. Some citizens paid a heavy toll for their efforts to bring the constant corruption of the CRA and court system to light.

One such person was Attorney Richard I. Fine. When Attorney Fine refused to stop doing his excellent rendition of Paul Revere proclaiming, “The crooks are coming; the crooks are coming,” Judge Yaffe threw Richard I. Fine in jail. Yes, that still happens in the good ol’ USA!

Judge Yaffe had concocted a phony set-up where Richard Fine allegedly owed $50,00[0].00.

Deja vu is visiting Los Angeles again.   This time Attorney Richard MacNaughton is the target of judicial corruption. Mr. MacNaughton is the attorney for a group named SaveHollywood [SaveHywd] who sued the City of Los Angeles over its flawed plan for Hollywood’s future.

Central to SaveHywd’s lawsuit was the fact that Hollywood had been losing population for over twenty (20) years, and it was time to at least have a public discussion of what Hollywood would look like if it stopped constructing all the huge high rises and planned for a smaller Hollywood, which was family oriented with parks and less traffic congestion.

Admitting that Hollywood is shrinking would be a disaster for the billionaire developers, but SaveHywd insists that the City has to issue the Notice of Preparation of the new environmental study.   That is horrible for the developers. They do not want the public discussing a smaller family friendly Hollywood. They do not want CalTrans to again tell them that the developers are leading us into gridlock. Nor, do they want to hear how few paramedics we have.

They want to keep it a secret that the money, which should have gone to paramedics, instead went to the billionaire developers. As a result, the Grand Jury found people needlessly died. As city hall plans for a endless line of high rise projects along Hollywood Boulevard, it doesn’t want the public discussing how to improve Hollywood.

The crony capitalists and their friends at city hall just want Mr. MacNaughton to shut up, but he won’t.

Who will save the developers from the public’s learning the truth about Hollywood’s deterioration? Justice Paul Turner! Like the gunslinger in the old Westerns who wears the blackest of hats to match his blackest of hearts, Justice Paul Turner steps forward gunning down anyone who gets in the way.

Although the issue is not before the Appeals Court and no one has made a motion, or taken evidence, or held any hearing, Justice Turner issues a order striking Attorney MacNaughton as SaveHywd’s attorney and removes SaveHywd from its own litigation. The new SaveHwyd, which Turner has anointed, proclaims that Hollywood must build, build, build for 400,000 people in the next 15 years. [That’s double Hollywood’s current population.]

Yes, crony capitalism and a corrupt judiciary work well together. Just as they worked together to defame Richard Fine, to throw him in jail and to drive him into bankruptcy, they are doing the same thing to Mr. MacNaughton. They’re using the phony Justice Turner order, removing Mr. MacNaughton as SaveHywd’s attorney to fine him at least $27,600.00.

If you wish to at least protest crony capitalism and a corrupt court system, you could call 213/830-7000 and tell them that Justice Paul Turner needs to follow the law. They will be very unhappy to hear from you.


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