No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

LA WEEKLY STANDS OBEDIENTLY BEHIND LA TIMES IN MUCH TOO SHORT LINE OF TONY (V FOR DEFEAT!) WIMPY WELL-WISHERS & SENATORIAL CANDIDACY PROMOTERS! No one in Sacramento is taking a Villaraigosa run seriously with the ghost of infamous Charlie Sheen Photo haunting his every step! “Harris is front-runner for Boxer’s seat — for the moment.” So sez The Star Struck Tony Boosters @LATIMES!


Antonio at this very moment is stone-cold broke…ever since his principal employer Edelman Public Relations Firm, the World’s largest, booted his ass out late last year for pulling the same kind of sh*t on his bosses at Edelman Inc. that he has always been able to get away with when he was LA Mayor, courtesy of the fawning news media, repeatedly-covering his politically-correct exposed backside! Just like what’s happening right now!

NEWS FLASH: Villaraigosa suffers in secret from Empty-Wallet Syndrome! But “Mum’s the Word” in the Mainstream Press outlets!

Edelman had been the principal source of Antonio’s shriveling income; otherwise gained mostly by him on the sparse college lecture circuit!

In fact, he has made several trips to Israel on behalf of Edelman Public Relations during the only year that he worked there!

Retired LA Weekly reporter Patrick McDonald wrote an excellent article for Editor-in-Chief Ms. Jill Stewart: A searing exposé of Antonio’s constantly diminishing chaotic finances at the same time that the Mayor was leaving office!

His financial situation is currently even worse! Weekly Editor Jill Stewart should try re-reading that prescient Weekly piece that Patrick at the time wrote for her! The Weekly’s Jill Stewart must then follow up on this eye-opening story by assigning a follow-up story because the MSM is much too timid to tackle Tony until the LA Weekly shows the guts to go it alone, as has often occurred in the past! Now is the time for The Weekly to break out of the damn pack and lead the journalistic way on a major story that is personally embarrassing; aimed at someone with great political power and more than his share of vindictiveness!  That’s Tony, for sure!

Villaraigosa is currently desperate for dough considering how his many deadbeat offspring are solely dependent on him for the monetary largesse that they have always required to survive!

When Edelman Inc. slammed the door in his face, Antonio was forced to give up that swanky New York City apartment of his or face eviction! That is the actual reason why Tony V. moved back in a hurry and is now ensconced in his super-glamorous City of Santa Monica apartment with a great view of the Ocean! (Who Is actually paying his sizable monthly rent!)

Tony V. persists in shoveling BS to anxious, lazy-ass, starry-eyed reporters who like to swallow and then regurgitate in print whatever crap that he likes to unload all over them!

Antonio V. is forced to pin his scant hopes for financial security redemption on living for the next two years primarily off the bucks that he might start collecting from mesmerized Special Interests Groups once he starts running officially for Boxer’s old seat…until, of course, his inevitable, ignominious defeat at the polls, rendering him invisible until he pops up once again on the mass media radar this time running like hell for 2018 Governor Don Quixote-style!

The Skelton LA Times column (Read it here!) is stealthily addressed to the deep-pocketed prospective Villaraigosa campaign contributors out there in order to bamboozle them into truly believing that Antonio still has a chance in hell of capturing the Boxer Senate Seat making them whip out their fat check books because Attorney-General Kamala Harris is merely an early leader in this long, long race, during which sexist LAT columnist George Skelton fervently believes/wishes/ hopes that Kamala will inevitably get tripped up and fall flat on her face, allowing Antonio to walk all over her while passing by Candidate Kamala Harris on the way to Election Victory! Guaranteed that won’t happen! For shame, Sexist George!

Why is Villaraigosa fated to lose any upcoming election? Because Antonio may live to be 110 y.o. but he will never outlive the permanently devastating political damage that the Charlie Sheen Arm-In-Arm-Buddy-Buddy-Double-Doper photo-which was freely posed for and taken of the whacked-out grinning duo at a dope-smoke-choked, strictly private party at a newly-opened sea-side South of the Border luxury hotel that is owned lock, stock and barrel by The Local Mexican Drug Cartel that comped both of them … costing Tony his chances of ever getting elected to a higher office in this particular space-time continuum to vanish without a trace!

MS Jill Stewart: PLEASE ASSIGN THIS DAMN STORY AT THE LA WEEKLY RIGHT AWAY…Or are you too suffering from a bad case of infatuation with Tony V. the very same way that so many other editors and reporters (female & male) here in California are to this very day and beyond?





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